September 30 2021

Drilling Mud Treatment Equipment for overseas engineering service company
GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of one set drilling mud treatment equipment for overseas engineering service company before the October National Holidays after months hard and intelligent work. 
This drilling mud treatment equipment will be delivered to client’s work site very soon. It is a customized treating equipment, especially designed to meet the on sites demands very well in a economic investment. In this drilling mud treating system, it mainly has the below GN Solids Control products: 

Decanter Centrifuge 2021.09.26

1.GN Mud Desander Unit
GNMS-500D Desander Unit is a compact mud treating cyclone fixed on shaker, which is matched with a mud tank. GN 10 inch desander cyclone is able to remove solids larger than 55 microns under the pressure provided by GN centrifugal pump. 
GN Vibrating Screen is driven by 2 parallel vibrators, GN uses either US made Martin or Italy OLI brands. GN made shaker screens has the precise API no. Screen parameters which tested by USA 3rd party. 
Besides GN 500 GPM mud desander unit, GN Solids Control also has 200 GPM, 400 GPM, 800 GPM and 1000 GPM mud treating systems. 

Desander Unit 2021.09.26
2.GN Decanter Centrifuge Unit
GN decanter centrifuge is a high rotating equipment, largely used in fine particles removal. After treated by GNMS-500D desander unit, GNLW224ET-VFD centrifuge treats the slurry feed by a screw pump from the desander bottom tank.
GNLW224E-VFD is a 9 inch bowl centrifuge, it is a little big longer compared with GN traditional GNLW223 centrifuge. Due to the longer rotating bowl, GNLW224 centrifuge is able to treat much larger flow rate and get cleaner liquid and drier solids. 
Besides the 9 inch centrifuge, GN Solids Control also provides 14 inch bowl, 18 inch bowl, 22 inch bowl and 30 inch bowl with different half cone angles and length vs diameter ratios to treat different materials. 
Slurry treated by GN 9 inch centrifuge is also collected by a compact structure mud tank.