December 18 2020

GN Solids Control last week delivered one set of drilling mud mixing system for a trenchless engineering company. As we all know, drilling mud is very important in Trenchless Drilling, it help to protect the drilling rig tool from dry weariness in hot temperature, also keep the pressure in a balance status so the drilling mud/slurry will not spray from underground. 

2020.12.17 Drilling Mud Mixing System

GN Solids Control has richful experience of building drilling mud mixing systems, most of them are uing in Oil & Gas industry where a much larger capcity mud mixing system is demanded. In trenchless industry, GN made compact mud mixing systems are very popular. Beside the mud mixing system, GN Solids control also manufactures mud treating systems such as 250 GPM, 350 GPM, 500 GPM and 1000 GPM. Several years ago, GN Solids Control provided 2 sets of 1000 GPM trenchless mud treating systems to Hongkong Airport. 
In this drilling mud system we built for that trenchless engineering company, it has the following main small systems:

1.Rectangular Mud Mixing System

Rectangular mud mixing system is fixed with one mud agitator, two centrifugal pumps and one mud hopper. Mud agitator keeps the drilling mud from falling off to the tank bottom. Those two centrifugal pumps are fixed on each side of the mud tank, one is used to mix the drilling mud together with the mud hopper and the other is used to move the drilling mud to the trenchless equipment. 

2020.12.17 Drilling Mud Mixing Tank2020.12.17 Mud Mixing Pump

2.Cylinder Tank Mixing System

Here the cylinder tank mixing system includes two cylinder tanks, each mud tank is also fixed with one mud agitator. A parallel centrifugal pump unit is composed by two centrifugal pumps and one mud hopper, while on the other side the cylinder tank mixing system is has one centrifugal pump to move the mixed drilling mud. Control boxes are fixed on the tank skid, only need to connect power to the control box after arrived.