May 08 2021

GN Solids Control has been providing turnkey solids and liquid separation systems in Africa since the very beginning of GN established. Last week one African client shared one GN Drilling Mud Dewatering Unit and Solidification Unit successfully using at site. 

2021.05.05 Dewatering Unit

1.GN Drilling Mud Dewatering Unit
GN drilling mud dewatering unit mainly includes a decanter centrifuge, a chemical dosing system and a container.  GN decanter centrifuge is widely used to dewater drilling mud, solids are recovered when the centrifuge rotating bowl and screw propeller run at high speed in same direction but with a little speed difference. Typically, centrifuge can remove particles larger than 2-5 microns, but in order to have a better dewatering performance, GN Solids Control provides one chemical dosing unit so even finer particles can be united together and easily removed. 
GN Solids Control can manufactures full series of decanter centrifuges, from 9 inch bowl baby centrifuge to giant 30 inch bowl centrifuge.  
All GN decanter centrifuge, chemical dosing unit as well as some other auxiliary components like centrifuge feeding screw pump are put inside a standard container for easy move and quick work.     

2021.0505 Solidification Unit
2.GN Solidification Unit
GN Solidification Unit, as the name says it solidify materials so they can be moved without any leakage to meet environment protection standard. 
A big collecting hopper fixed with one bottom screw conveyor, drilling cuttings are transferred into a low speed large force shear mixer. Meanwhile, there are 2 storage tanks fixed with absorbents, cements or wood crapes, each storage tank is also connected with one small screw conveyor to move them into the shear mixer. 
Drilling cuttings are mixed thoroughly inside the mixing chamber. After solidification, those cuttings fall off from the end of the discharge port either to a cuttings box or to a pit. 
This African client gave a very positive feedback on GN dewatering unit and GN Solidification unit. Will sure to have more business in the near future.