September 06 2019

Recently, GN finished one batch of drilling mud agitators with motor starters for one client from Middle East. Mud agitator is very common equipment used in drilling mud recycling system and mud plant. The main function of the mud agitator is to prevent the sedimentation of solid particles in the mud so that the mud injected into the rig well with good property.

GN mud agitator is adopting the design of direct connecting between electric motor and gear reducer, which make the agitator compact with small footprint on the tank. For the agitator installation and layout on mud tank, GN recommend to place the agitator each 3 meters on the width central line of the mud tank. The shaft length and impeller diameter depend on the mud tank inner size.

Before giving the proposal, GN always requires the information from client on inner size of the mud tank like depth, width and length. The stirring shaft is a critical part of the mud agitator, for higher mud tank, GN always suggest the double-layer impeller and in the mean while to install stabilizer at the bottom of the tank to hold the stirring shaft for stable performance. The agitators in this order will be used on tank with height of 3.3 meters.

Clients may not know that all the control panels installed with GN equipment are fabricated by GN self. Just like this agitator order, all the agitators are equipped with GN motor starters. 
1. GN is able to provide motor starter and control panel for fixed speed and VFD control.
2. GN motor starter and control panel is with explosion proof certificate of CNEX, IEC Ex and ATEX.
3. GN is able to provide the single motor starter and control according to client requirements.

Any request for solids control equipment, please feel free to contact with GN.