March 06 2020

GN Solids Control just finished multiple sets vacuum degassers and mud cleaners this week. These equipment will be delivered to Middle East and used in oil and gas drilling rig sites. 

2020.03.06 Drilling Mud Cleaner

GN Solids Control is one of the earliest manufacturers in China that started to design and manufacture solids control and drilling waste management equipment. We are proudly to say that GN Solids Control equipment are widely used in more than seventy countries and regions. GN Solids Control equipment are very popular in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as Asia. These drilling fluids vacuum degassers and mud cleaners are one of the repeated orders from GN old customers. Word of mouth positive feedback on GN Solids Control equipment and drilling waste management systems help GN to win more and more business. 

GN Vacuum Degasser is one gas eliminate treating equipment, due to the drilling mud contains many bubbles (usually larger bubbles are removed by poor boy degasser before feeding into solids control equipment) and bring extra wear to hydrocyclones, it’s pretty necessary to use GN vacuum degasser before feeding into GN Desilter, GN Desander and GN Mud Cleaner. 

2020.03.06 Drilling Vacuum Degasser

GN Mud Cleaner is a three in one drilling mud treating equipment, which is composed by shale shaker, 10 inch desander cyclones and 4 inch desilter cyclones. Usually shale shaker is used to remove solids larger than 100 microns, while the desander can eliminate sand which is larger than 50 microns, as for the desilter cyclones they can separate out silts usually around 25 microns. A feeding pump will be used to feed cyclones, here 2 centrifugal pumps are used.

Actually, GN Solids Control provides turnkey treating solutions for drilling mud/slurry/waste etc. If you are looking for the most cost-effective solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact with GN Solids Control. Don’t forget we also have a USA branch company and Russian branch company for quick response.