January 04 2019

A good treatment system for drilling cuttings would be pretty helpful to the driller to dispose the drilling cuttings on oilfield. It can greatly reduce the waste discharge and recover the drilling fluids. That is good for both the environment protection and drilling cost saving.

One set GN drilling cuttings treatment system shipped to GNPC jobsite shortly before now is running well and got positive comments from the user. The system is mainly consisting of vertical cuttings dryer and waste decanter centrifuge, which is an ideal solution for oil based drilling cuttings treatment.

GN vertical cuttings dryer is used to treat the cuttings discharged from the solids control system. It can separate the large size cuttings and make the cuttings dryer. Can all the cuttings discharged from the mud system be treated by the dryer unit? One thing the users need to know is only to feed the cuttings discharged from primary shale shaker to the vertical cuttings dryer as the screen opening of GN cuttings dryer is minimum of 0.2mm, cutting smaller than this size would flow together with the drilling fluids through the screen openings. After treatment by the cuttings dryer, the oil content on cuttings would be less than 5%.

The effluence discharged from cuttings dryer would be pumped to the waste decanter centrifuge for polishing. GN waste centrifuge normally runs at a speed up to 3200RPM, the finer cuttings would be separated out with the high G force. With consideration of getting dryer cake or clean liquid, the operator can adjust the liquid discharge plate at the big end of the drum.
For transferring the wet cuttings and discharged solids cake, GN is able to provide the matching conveying equipment like the sludge vacuum pump and screw conveyor.
For drilling cuttings treatment, client is able to get a package solution from GN Solids Control. Welcome the email for a quote and technical consulting.