February 01 2024

Recently one batch of Desanding Plant and Mud Recycling System have been manufactured and ready to start serving a new Asian HDD project.

Including 2 sets of GNMS-1500GPM mud and water separation stations,1 set of GNMS-200 mud recovery systems.

2024.01.22 Desanding Plant

The GNMS-1500GPM Desanding Plant is engineered to efficiently eliminate solids from drilling fluids, ensuring the integrity of the mud. This cutting-edge system plays a vital role in safeguarding equipment against wear and tear while enhancing drilling productivity. GN Solids Control's Desanding Plant incorporates advanced technology to empower clients with optimal performance in their HDD operations.

In addition, the GNMS-200 Mud Recycling System offers a versatile solution that promotes sustainability in HDD projects. This system adeptly retrieves valuable drilling mud and diminishes waste disposal expenses. By recycling the mud, clients can significantly diminish their environmental impact, making it a prudent and cost-efficient choice for contemporary HDD operations.

2024.01.22 Mud Recycling System

Both products are featured in GN Solids Control's comprehensive product lineup, easily accessible through their website. The company's unwavering dedication to providing dependable and efficient equipment is evident in their extensive range of offerings.

The recent successful sale highlights GN Solids Control's commitment to meeting the distinct requirements of clients in the Asia-Pacific region. With a solid track record for delivering reliable equipment, the company continues to fortify its position in the HDD market.

By selecting GN Solids Control's Desanding Plant and Mud Recycling System, the Asian HDD client has taken a significant stride toward optimizing their operations. These solutions not only elevate drilling performance but also foster a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to HDD projects.

GN Solids Control's capability to deliver effective and pragmatic solutions to clients worldwide distinguishes them in the industry. As they expand their global presence and enhance their product portfolio, GN Solids Control remains a trusted ally for clients seeking dependable solutions for solid-liquid separation across various applications.

Should you require any assistance regarding the operation and maintenance of Solids Control Equipment, such as the Desanding Plant and Mud Recycling System, please don't hesitate to reach out to GN. Our team of engineers boasts extensive experience and knowledge within the relevant industry. We are committed to offering our best support to your project because we believe that this collaborative approach paves the way for a stable and long-term partnership. Additionally, we stand ready to provide online support and on-site guidance for specific situations, should the need arise.