May 21 2021

GN Solids Control just delivered one batch of HDD mud treatment desander machines for one HDD company. GN Solids Control made HDD mud recyclers are all in compact structure, easy to move and relocate. With these years’fast development, GN Solids Control has some standard models to choose, also GN Solids Control is able to provide customized ones based on clients demands. 

2021.05.20 Desander Machine

GN HDD Mud Recycler is mainly used to remove solids from the HDD drilling mud, usually a submersible pump is used to feed the mud into GN system. Depends on the treating flow rate, GN Solids Control mud recycler can be assembled with 10 inch desander cyclones or 4 inch desilter cyclones. 10 inch cyclones are mainly used to remove solids larger than 55 microns, and the 4 inch desilter cyclones can eliminate particles above 25 microns. 
GN made HDD mud recycler uses double deck shakers, slurry is feed into the bottom deck first, where coarse vibrating screens are fixed. And after treated by the bottom deck, fluid falls into a underneath catch tank, a centrifugal pump is used to suck the slurry and feed into cyclones for further separating. Effluent discharges from the cyclone bottom and reenter into the top deck screen panel. 
Based on client’s demands, GN Solids Control also provides mud hopper and centrifugal pump as well as mud agitator to mix and prepare new clean drilling mud after treated by GN HDD Mud Recycler. All above mentioned equipment can be put on one single tank for fast moving. 

2021.05.20 Desander Plant
There is a trend that more and more HDD contractors are demanded to treat the mud in favor of environment protection, and also reuse drilling mud to save cost. More importantly, GN Solids Control has provided hundreds of decanter centrifuges with HDD mud recyclers to get even cleaner drilling mud, and GN flocculation units are also provided with the centrifuge.