March 12 2020

GN Solids Control has provided hundred sets of Oil Sludge Treating Systems to global customers. Customers from USA, Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia and some other countries are using GN oil sludge treating systems to treat high viscosity and large solids content drill cuttings and oil mud. 2020.03.12 Oil Sludge Treatment Equimpent

Several weeks ago, GN Solids Control delivered another set Oil Sludge Treating System to one customer from Brunei. It will be used to treat oil cuttings collected from different drilling rigs. In this oil sludge treating systems, GN shale shaker, GN decanter centrifuge and GN chemical dosing unit are used. 

1.GN Shale Shaker

GN Shale Shaker is the coarse treating unit, most of the solids are removed by GN shale shaker. In some situations, GN Solids Control also provides double deck shale shaker to treat the oil sludge twice. A anti-spraying cover and flushing outlets are optional to protect the shaker screens from blocking.  

2.GN Decanter Centrifuge

As the core treating equipment of GN oil sludge treating system, GN Decanter Centrifuge is used to remove any finer solids larger than 2-5 microns. GN Solids Control has different sizes of decanter centrifuges include 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and 30 inch. GN 14 inch bowl centrifuge is very popular to use in the oil sludge treating industry. 2020.03.12 Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment

Actually, GN Oil Sludge are especially designed to treat oil sludge from drilling rigs, sludge from oil tank bottom and sludge from refinery plant etc. GN Solids Control manufactures 2 phase centrifuge and 3 phase decanter centrifuge (includes 3 phase disc-centrifuge and 3 phase horizontal decanter centrifuge).

3.GN Chemical Dosing Unit

Only use mechanical separating way is not easy to treat oil sludge, chemicals are very important. In GN oil sludge treating system, the shaker treating module and the centrifuge treating module both need to add chemicals to dilute the sludge. 

4.GN Mud Tank

GN Oil Sludge Treating System is compact design structure, which are all fixed on one skid for convenient moving and also can stock clean slurry after treated.