October 16 2018

Last week, GN finished the oil sludge treatment system for USA client. This week, a larger system has passed the FAT and waiting for client’s instruction to arrange shipment. This system will be used in Kazakhstan, in consideration of the working temperature, all the main processing equipment is designed to be put in the container.

This containerized oil sludge treatment system is consisting of below modules:
1. Premixing Module – per customer requirement, GN provided the sludge vacuum pump to transfer the oil sludge from the collection pit to the system. Two tanks equipped with agitators and heating line are used as the premixing vessel.

2. Coarse Screen Module – the washed sludge will be pumped to the coarse shaker screen for large size solid particles separation. A flushing pipe is installed over the shaker deck to spray washing the sludge. For warm consideration, the shaker unit is put in a container, and the complete container will be put on a collecting tank to store the treated slurry.

3. Fine Solids Separation Module – slurry treated by the shaker will be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. For easy collection of the solids discharged from the centrifuge, the centrifuge is supported by a skid and a screw conveyor is installed under the centrifuge solids discharge port.
4. 3 Phase Separation Skid Module – The slurry out of the decanter will flow into the 3 phase separation module that includes inclined plate clarifier, oil water separator and surge tanks for separated oil and water. The 3 phase separation module is the last process procedure of the oil sludge separation system.

5. Chemical Dosing Module – the chemicals can be added into each procedure of the system. The dosing system is also installed in a container and connected to each procedure via pipes and valves.
GN is able to provide the oil sludge system with customized color and client’s logo for better advertisement of client’s business. Please feel free to contact with GN for more separation solutions.