February 14 2021

GN Solids Control has been providing turnkey solids and liquid separating systems for many years, before the China lunar year, GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of another set construction slurry treatment system for an international engineering company. 

2021.02.08 Slurry Treatment System

Here are the main treating equipment of this construction slurry treatment system:
1.First Phase Coarse Shaker
GN 1st phase coarse shaker is a big vibrating shaker fixed with opening mesh shaker screens made of SS. It is mainly used to remove big stones or aggregates etc. A transfer tank underneath the coarse shaker is used to stock mud treated after coarse shaker. Mud is feed into the 2nd phase double deck shaker by a submersible pump. 

2021.02.08 Dewatering Vibrating Screen
2.Second Phase Double Deck Fine Shaker
GN 2nd phase double deck fine shaker is fixed with flushing lines as this shaker is used to remove most of those finer solids. By using a double deck shaker, GN provides a compact treating unit with much larger separating screen panels. 

2021.02.08 Shaker and Desilter

3.Third Phase Desilter

Desilter is shaker fixed with 4 inch cyclones, which are able to remove solids larger than 25 microns. Consider the high solids content in the mud, here GN Solids Control provides one submersible pump to feed those cyclones. 

All shaker screens on GN shake and GN desilter are made by GN, GN Solids Control also has some shaker screens stocking in distributor warehouse for quick picking up. 
4.Fourth Phase Decanter Centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuge is a fine treating equipment, all solids larger than 2-5 microns can be removed by GN decanter centrifuge. A chemical dosing unit is also provided to help remove finer solids less than 2 microns. Flocculent is feed by screw pump with the mud into GN decanter centrifuge. 
A sturdy skid is provided to lift GN centrifuge in the right working height, and one small liquid storage tank is fixed on the centrifuge skid with one centrifugal pump to move the clean liquid into a water storage tank. 
2021.02.08 Dewatering Centrifuge
5. Other Auxiliary EquipmentSome other auxiliary equipment like mud agitators, walkway and ladders etc are aslo provided.