October 09 2018

GN new completed oil sludge treatment system will be preceded for water test soon. Now the complete system is ready and staying is GN assembly workshop. GN oil sludge treatment system can be used in recovering the oil from various kinds of waste oil sludge coming from oil base drilling cutting, oil storage tank remaining sludge, refinery waste etc.

The ordered oil sludge treatment system is GN 2 cubic meters per hour model. Client is going to use this system as a demo to verify it is workable in recovering the oil from oil sludge. Actually, the excellent performance of GN oil sludge treatment system has been proved onsite. In this system, client plan to bring their SMO (shear, mixing and oxidation) unit to connect with GN oil sludge system for better demulsification performance.

GN Oil Sludge Treatment System is consisting of below modules.
1. Premixing Tank Module – the oil sludge is firstly transferred to the premixing tank by the vacuum pump. Here in the tank, water and chemicals will be added into the tank, with heating line around the tank, the sludge will be washed, much flowable.

2. Classify System – the washed sludge will then be pumped into a V-shape bottom tank for solids sedimentation and liquid classification. The top layer oil will be flow into 3-phase disc centrifuge for water, oil and solids separation. And bottom solids will be mixed; here the chemicals can also be added.

3. Solids Control module – in GN oil sludge treatment system, the solids control module is consisting of coarse shale shaker and decanter centrifuge to remove as much as possible solids from the sludge. To get as less as possible oil content on solids, the solids discharged from the decanter centrifuge can be washed again and then treated by the second unit decanter centrifuge. Liquid discharged from decanter will pumped to the second unit disc centrifuge for water and oil separation.

4. For back up, GN made the 3-phase separation skid module with inclined plate clarifier and oil water separator. To maximally reduce the oil content in water, GN made the micro bubble oil water separator in the system to make the water as clean as possible.

GN has another oil sludge treatment system with capacity of 15 cubic meters per hours is almost done, now is the final assembly procedure. For more information on GN oil sludge treatment system, please feel free to contact us.