January 26 2024

A batch of solids control equipment have been manufactured recently and ready to start serving for a Bolivian Customer, to provide service for 2 drilling rigs. Including drilling liquid centrifugal pump, solids control decanter centrifuge and vibrating screen.

So far, this customer has got more than 10 sets of GN solid decanter centrifuges. The smooth delivery of this batch of equipment signifies the further deepening of the long-term cooperation between GN and Bolivian customers.

2024.01.17 Centrifugal Pump

As a reputable Solids Control machinery manufacturer, GN remains dedicated to delivering top-tier equipment to meet the escalating demands of customers worldwide. The company's equipment consistently demonstrates exceptional performance and stability in the realm of oil exploration, effectively aiding customers in enhancing drilling efficiency and curbing operational costs.

2024.01.17 Decanter Centrifuge

The recent delivery of centrifugal pumps, solids control decanter centrifuges, vibrating screens, and other equipment are playing a pivotal role in ensuring the steady progression of Bolivia's petroleum industry. These devices will offer efficient assistance to the drilling rigs, facilitating the seamless execution of drilling operations.

2024.01.17 Shale Shaker

It's noteworthy that the Bolivian customer has established a longstanding collaboration with GN Company. Over time, the customer has accumulated purchases of over 10 GN solids control centrifuges. This substantial number serves as a testament to the reliability and performance of GN equipment, underscoring the trust and support bestowed upon the company by its customers.

Looking ahead, GN remains steadfast in its commitment to a customer-centric approach, striving to continually enhance product quality and technological innovation to meet the diverse needs of a global clientele. Concurrently, the company will intensify collaborations with international customers, fostering joint efforts to advance the development of the petroleum industry. By choosing GN as your trusted partner in solids control equipment, you will not only gain access to reliable and high-performance machinery but also contribute to a sustainable and responsible approach to industrial processes. We believe that fostering long-term partnerships involves not only delivering top-notch equipment and support but also sharing a mutual commitment to environmental stewardship and technological advancement in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.