February 05 2017

One of GN’s features is keeping developing new products, which is also the reason for GN being a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment in China. Couple weeks ago, GN finished the fabrication of centrifugal type degasser, this enriched GN’s production line.
This centrifugal degasser is designed and manufactured after researching many types of degassers home and abroad. It could be used in all kinds of drilling fluids recycling system to remove the gas in the gas cut-in drilling fluids for recovering the mud property, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost.
Comparing with GN’s ZCQ series vacuum degasser, GN centrifugal degasser is more compact and structure simple, and in the meanwhile, it kept the advantage of ZCQ series degasser.


Advantages of GN Centrifugal Degasser

1. Vertical structure with small footprint, GN centrifugal degasser is installed firmly on mud tank with a slim body, which left more space on tank surface for other equipment.

2. Non-vacuum gas suction and guiding for energy saving. GN centrifugal degasser no longer needs a vacuum pump to produce vacuum for remove the gas out of the unit.
3. No extra feeding pumpis needed for transferring the drilling mud to the degasser unit. This is same with GNZCQ series degasser, which is also a cost & energy saving solution.
4. The impellers could also be used as agitating unit for preventing the solids settlement on tank bottom.


Working Principle of GN Centrifugal Degasser

GN centrifugal degasser mainly includes transmission unit, impeller part, gas flow manifold, pressurizing unit, coarse piece separating unit and fixing pieces. It tactfully uses the principle of gas cone for releasing the gas in the drilling fluids. During the process, the impeller takes an important role to lift the gas cut-in drilling fluids into the vessel of the degasser unit, then the gas corn produced.

This centrifugal degasser is more optimized solids control equipment. If you are interested on this unit, please feel free to contact with GN for more information.