November 01 2020

GN Solids Control last week shipped another two sets big bowl decanter centrifuges for an oil slugde treatment plant. GN made oil sludge treating sysem is mainly designed to treat 3 main oil sludge: bottom tank sludge, refinery plant sludge, oil drill cuttings. 

2020.10.29 Oil Sludge Treatment Centrifuge

GN Solids Control has provided many sets oil sludge treating systems to global customers, such as 1 set 1 m3/h oil sludge system for one USA drilling mud chemical company, 1 set 10 m3/h system for one Canadian oil service customer, 1 set 10 m3/h and 1 set 15 m3/h system for one Kuwait waste sludge treating plant etc. 
Now GN Solids Control has 3 main standard systems: 1m3/h, 5m3/h and 15m3/h. All these systems can be customized based on customers’ final treating demand. These 2 sets big bowl decanter centrifuges are GNLW553 centrifuge, before this customer only purchase USA made or European made decanter centrifuges, after they tried GN small bowl centrifuges, they are happey to buy another big bowl centrifuges to increase the treating flow rate. 

2020.10.29 Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter
Here are the main treating components in GN Oil Sludge Treating System: pre-mixing & heating tank, coarse shaker moduel, oil skimming module, 2 phase decanter centrifuge, 3 phase disc-centrifuge etc
GN decanter centrifuge is the key treating euqipment in the oil sludge treating system. By adding polymer into the decanter centrifuge, it can remove finer solids less than 2 microns. GN Solids Control now has different rotating bowl sizes to meet different treating capacity demands, 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and 30 inch bowl. 
After treated by GN 2 phase decanter centrifuge, solids with oil is around 1%-3%. And after treated by GN 3 pahse disc-centrifuge, recovery oil has BS&W around 1-3%, and recovery water has oil around 1000-3000 ppm. 
GN Solids Control always has the customized oil sludge treating systems to meet your demands, please feel free to contact with us if you have any needs.