November 07 2020

GN Solids Control is a turnkey solids and liquid separation provider who has rich experience and sucefful projects running in more than 72 countries and regions. GN Solids Control can always provide a customized system to meet various demands. 
Today we’d like to share one project of GN big bowl centrifuge used for TBM slurry dewatering in Singapore. GN Solids Control manuafactures different bowl sizes of decanter centrifuges, in TBM slurry treating area GN made 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuge and GN 30 inch bowl decanter centrifuge are the two popular one. 

2020.11.06 TBM Decanter Centrifuge

TBM is short for Tunnel Boreing Machine, during underground work large volume of slurry is bring the end of the machine, which will need to be treated before discharge. GN Solids Control also builts TBM Slurry Treating Mud Recycling System, it usually composed by shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter, feeding pump and mud tank etc. GN TBM Slurry Treating System first remove coarese solids, usually larger than 25 microns before feeding to decanter centrifuge. As it’s know to all, decanter centrifuge can eliminate finer particles above 2 microns with the centrifugal force and push of the screw propeller. In order to get a better treating performance, GN Solids Control also provides chemical dosing unit to collect tiny particles so centrifuge can remove all these particles out. 

2020.11.06 Dewatering Jobsite
GN Solids Control provided one 22 inch bowl centrifuge for this TBM contractor. Consider the demands of relocating, GN Soilds Control put the decanter centrifuge and chemical dosing unit inside the standard container. Client just need to connect the fast connection pipes and open valves between the containers. 

2020.11.06 Dewatering Centrifuge
After treated by GN decanter centrifuge, this TBM contractor can get saleable silts which will be used to built bricks, while the recycled water can be used for TBM cooling as well as flush the decanter centrifuge.