August 16 2019

The shale shaker is one of the main equipment in drilling mud solids control system. Recently, GN got an order from an Indonesia client for a batch of shale shakers, now the shakers are ready for shipment. 

GN shale shaker is the first stage cuttings separation equipment in the mud system, thus the importance of the shale shaker is imaginable. The performance of the shale shaker will affect a large extent the performance of subsequent equipment. 

In designing and manufacturing the shale shaker, GN fully considers the working stability and easy maintenance of the shale shaker.

  • Shaker deck is completely processed by heating treatment to bear the high vibration force. 
  • To ensure a good sealing performance, GN created the U-type groove and embedded rubber sealing technology, which provides excellent sealing effect and in the meanwhile makes the replacement of the sealing rubber easily. 
  • GN developed 3 technics on how to tighten the shaker screen by using the wedge blocks. Hammer pushing, ratchet spanner pushing and quick pressing. Customer can choose as per their preference. 
  • GN upgraded the damping rubber spring to make the steel spring and rubber bushing combined and unbreakable, which increase the safety and reduce the part quantity.  

Wide Application of GN Shale Shaker

  • GN shale shaker is used mainly for drilling mud cleaning, by changing different type mud feeder, GN shaker can be used in oil drilling, HDD and waste cutting management.
  • The shaker mostly is installed on the mud tank for primary solids control. By changing to larger horse power vibrators, GN shaker can be used as the High G force drying shaker.
  • All GN shaker are designed to have the bolting hole of the cyclone frame, the standard installation dimension make the assembling of the mud cleaner much easier. 
  • To achieve a better mud recovery effect, GN developed the vacuum screen device that can connect with the last panel screen of the shaker. All GN shakers can install this vacuum screen system

For more information on GN shale shaker, please feel free to contact.