September 03 2023

GN Solids Control recently completed the production of eight sets of inclined plate clarifiers and six sets of decanter centrifuges for a prominent industrial sludge treatment company. As a globally recognized manufacturer of solids and liquid equipment, GN Solids Control boasts a rich history of satisfying countless customers with the exceptional performance and reliability of its products.

2023.09.01 Decanter Centrifuge

Within this consignment, the spotlight is on the 8 units of inclined plate clarifiers, specifically the GNIPC-25A model, which are destined for shipment to North America. These units will play a pivotal role in the process of industrial sludge treatment, demonstrating GN Solids Control's commitment to providing efficient solutions within compact spatial constraints. Often referred to as lamella clarifiers, GN Inclined Plate Clarifiers are engineered to excel in sludge dewatering applications.

2023.09.01 Inclined Plate Clarifier
In parallel, GN Solids Control is dispatching an additional 6 units of decanter centrifuges, featuring the GNLW453D-VFD model, to a domestic company in the field of drilling exploration. These high-performance centrifuges are equipped with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, enabling precise control over the rotating speed. Their destination is a drilling exploration company where they will be deployed for the critical task of mud dewatering, underscoring the versatility of GN Decanter Centrifuges.
The GN Decanter Centrifuge, a horizontal rotating separation equipment, stands as a testament to GN Solids Control's prowess in manufacturing diverse-sized rotating bowl centrifuges. These machines are indispensable for a wide range of applications, offering efficient separation of solids and liquids. The inclusion of VFD technology ensures adaptability and precision, aligning perfectly with the dynamic requirements of modern industrial processes.
In conclusion, GN Solids Control's recent accomplishment in manufacturing 8 inclined plate clarifiers and 6 decanter centrifuges exemplifies the company's dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of solids and liquid separation equipment. With a solid track record of satisfying a global customer base, GN Solids Control continues to uphold its reputation as a premier manufacturer of high-quality industrial equipment.