October 09 2013
GN keeps a 500GPM Mud Recycling System in stock for sale to all around the world.This 500 GPM Mud Reycling System is designed to work for different applications.

Part 1)Application for the GN 500 GPM Mud Recycling System.

  • 1) HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) 500 GPM Mud System.
  • 2) CBM drilling mud recycling capacity up to 500GPM
  • 3) Workover Drilling rig 350HP/450HP/550HP Solids Control & Mixing System.
  • 4) Water well/ GEO Thermal Well drilling mud cleaning unit.

500gpm mud system in stock

Part 2) Solids Control Equipment for the 500GPM mud recycling System

1) One Linear Motion Shale Shaker GNZS703
2) One Mud Cleaner with Desander / Desilter
3) Centrifugal Pumps 6x5 (37kw) for feeding to desander/ desilter
4) 40 Feet Size length and width ISO container size with fast fixing on trailer.
5) Centrifugal pumps completed with mixing hoppers for you drilling mud mixing.
6) Transfer function for transfering clean mud to the drilling rig mud pump.
7) Mud Agitators and Mud guns for agitation for the mud.
8) High quality mud tank attachment for easy operation and safty, Handrails can be fold up to the side of tank without removing.
 500gpm mud system for sale

Part 3) Features and Benefits for the 500 GPM mud cleaning unit for Sale

1) 10% discounts for sale to all the customers without modifications
2)  It can be put in trailer or separated from tailer in the jobsite, the mud system can be supplied together with  the trailer.
3)   Spare parts will be available in Australia, USA, China, Latin America etc for fast delivery.
4) The Mud system for sale is already in stock for fast shipment.
5) GN Solids Control will provide the first time commisioning to train the customer's engineer how to operate and how to maintain the mud system.

To learn more about GN Solids Control, you can read the company profile.

Part 4) GN Drilling Mud Equiment Operation around the World.

GN Solids Control has already exported mud system or solids control equipments and parts to more the 60 countries and regions including but not limited to following:
  • 1)  North America:America, Canada. Decanter Centrifuges, Shale Shakers, Shaker Screens, Mud Agitators, screw pumps ect. to those countries.
  • 2)  South America:Brazil, Colombia , Argentina , Peru ,Venezuela,  Chile ,Ecuador. Solids Control Equipments, Mud Agitators, Pumps, Vertical cuttings dryers ,centrifuges to those South Africa countries.
  • 3)  Middle East: Egypt,Iran,Iraq,Israel,Jordan,Kuwait,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Turkey,United Arab Emirates,Yemen,Cyprus(Soon),Mud recycling systems, Decanter centrifuges, Shale Shakers, centrigugal pumps ect. to thos middle east countries.
  • 4)  Africa:Libya, Nigeria,Egypt, Ethiopia,South Africa, Algeria ,Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia ,Republic of the Congo etc. The Shale Shakers,Decanter Centrifuges,shaker screens to those Africa countries.
  • 5)  Australia,New Zealand,Papua New Guinea
  • 6) Russia Speaking Countries: Russia, Kazakhstan,Ukraine,Azerbaijan,Uzbekistan etc.
  • 7) Asia countries & regions: Indian, Korea , Indonesia , Thailand , Hong Kong SAR of China ,Philippines, Pakistan,Bangladesh , Vietnam , Mongolia etc.
  • 8) Europe Countries: United Kingdom, Netherlands,Poland, Germany, Romania,French, Sweden etc.
If any customer is interested to know more about the GN 500 Mud Recycling System in stock for sale, please email to and specify you want the GN 500 Mud Recycling System for sale.
Or you can call us at: Tel: +86-316-5276988 / 5276989 .