December 01 2023

Four sets of Mini Desander and Desilter units were manufactured last week to meet the demands of a drilling project in Indonesia.

2023.11.28 Desander

GN's Desander serves as both second and third-class solid control apparatus, strategically engineered for the treatment of drilling fluid. Categorized into Desander and Desilter based on cone diameter, with Desander denoting a cone diameter exceeding 6", functioning as second-control equipment in drilling operations. The commonly employed 8" and 10" cone Desanders effectively segregate solid-phase particles sized between 47-76μm in drilling fluids.

2023.11.28 Desilter

Similarly, GN's Desilter, recognized as third-class solids control equipment, is classified by cone diameter, with Desilter denoting a cone diameter less than 6". Operating as third-control equipment in drilling operations, the frequently utilized 5" and 4" cone Desilters proficiently separate solid-phase particles sized between 15-47μm in drilling fluids. Configurable to client specifications and operational capacity, Desilter units seamlessly integrate with other equipment within the Solids Control System.

2023.11.28 Shale Shaker

GN Solids Control proudly stands as a preeminent international brand in Mud Solids Control Systems and Drilling Waste Management, offering a comprehensive solution for mud recycling projects.

Our commitment to delivering industry-leading equipment extends to the meticulous oversight of the Decanter Centrifuge system. The technical, production, and quality control departments at GN have diligently supervised material selection, comprehensive preparation, each production stage, and rigorous inspections throughout the manufacturing process. This exacting approach underscores our unwavering dedication to ensuring the dependable performance of our equipment.

Guided by a commitment to precision and quality, GN has made substantial investments in a cutting-edge manufacturing line featuring CNC machining, balancing machines, material cutting, coating production, welding fabrication, and assembly workshops. This vertically integrated production capability positions GN at the forefront, ensuring meticulous quality control measures and timely deliveries that consistently exceed client expectations.

For operational and maintenance guidance on GN's equipment, encompassing Desanders, Desilters, or shale shakers, we encourage you to reach out without hesitation. Our team of engineers possesses extensive expertise and knowledge in the relevant industry, prepared to provide steadfast support to ensure the success of your project and cultivate a lasting and stable collaboration. Additionally, we are well-equipped to offer online assistance and on-site guidance tailored to address specific scenarios, reaffirming our commitment to your project's success and the enduring partnership we aim to foster.