September 18 2021

GN Solids Control has provided thousands of solids and liquid separation equipment to the world wide companies. Last week, GN Solids Control delivered one 3 phase decanter centrifuge to a tank cleaning sludge treatment plant in Africa. 
GN Solids Control centrifuge product line includes 2 phase decanter centrifuge, 3 phase decanter centrifuge and 3 phase disc-separator, every centrifuge includes different sizes to meet various flow rate demands. 

2021.09.17 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge

GN 2 phase decanter centrifuge like the 14 inch bowl centrifuge is largely used in drilling mud solids control and barite recovery. Besides, the 14 inch, GN 22 inch bowl centrifuge is also very popular. Usually GN 2 phase centrifuge can be used to feed slurry with up to 20% solids. 
GN 3 phase decanter centrifuge mainly used after GN 2 phase centrifuge to get more clear solids, water and oil. It is proper to feed slurry with less than 10% solids, and particles less than 2 mm. After treated by GN 3 phase decanter centrifuge, clean water, oil and solids can be recovered. Due to the tank cleaning sludge has much oil inside, oil recovered can be returned to the tank storage company, and water can be reused for separating, while the solids need to be send to waste treating company to be heat treated. 
GN Solids Control has rich experience of treating tank sludge. Beside the centrifuge unit, GN Solids Control is able to provide turnkey solutions, like whole oil sludge treating plant. Until now, GN Solids Control has provided oil sludge treating systems to clients from US, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Kuwait etc. 

2021.09.17 Tricanter Centrifuge
Sometimes, to get clear oil a 3 phase disc- separator might be used, base sediment and oil is around 2- 3% after treated, and recovered water has oil around 1000 to 3000 ppm. Welcome to check with GN Solids Control for a customized solution, and we are willing to provide a free test.