August 09 2018

GN team had a tour in past three days at Beidaihe coast which is a very famous tourist resort in summer. Every year, GN will organize all staff in the company for a tour. This is not only a time to relax, but also an opportunity to communicate and get touch with colleagues. It will greatly enhance everyone's sense of honor to the company and team spirit.

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No doubt, a tour at coast will never leave the sea. Almost every day's travel and activities are related to the water.


In the Geziwo coast wetland park, almost one third of birds that appeared in China can be seen here. Looking at the birds flying in the sky and listening to the voice of wave slapping to the reef, The Nature will be much closer. Jump into the water, and swim freely in the sea, when sea water comes into the mouth, salty and bitter, like the joys and sorrows of life. Enjoy the sunshine on the beach and sea food BBQ and beer at night; one can really get out from the work to find the real one inside. To some people living inland, to have a tour to a coast is a different feeling, even for the children, this will be a wonderful experience that will affect their future life. To try something new and different always will bring feeling of freshness and passion to the life.

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Pleasant Surprises are everywhere. At BBQ dinner, the company informed the luck draw activies. The prizes are one more tour to a different place. Almost one third of the people in the company were lucky guys that night. The company will cover all the cost for the lucky guys' tour to Disney Land in Shanghai or Gubei Water Town in Beijing.

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GN is more like a family; every ones in the family give what they can do and take what they should get for the company’s development, in the meanwhile for their own life. Just like GN vision in this tour: Inspire working passion, obtain splendid life, make excellent team and create brilliant enterprise.

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