June 19 2021

GN Solids Control these weeks finished another set of 200 GPM mud recycling unit for a China HDD company. There is a trend more and more HDD drilling contractors are using HDD mud systems to recover the drilling mud and reuse in the drilling process. 
GN Solids Control manufactures and sells around 200-350 sets standard HDD mud recyclers every year. Beside those standard mud recycling units, GN Solids Control also provides customized solutions to meet different clients demands. 

2021.06.16 Mud Recycling Unit 2

As for this 200GPM mud recycling unit, GN Solids Control made some tailor changes. Here are the main components in this GN 200 GPM HDD mud recycler:
1.GN Shale Shaker
GN Shaker is a key treating equipment to remove big solids from drilling mud. When the HDD drilling mud comes from the drilling rig, many big particles are inside, it is important to use a GN shaker to separate out these large particles first. 
By fixed different opening sizes of screens, GN shaker is able to remove a wide range of particles, most of the solids larger than 100 microns are eliminated. 

2021.06.16 Mud Recycling Unit 1
2.GN Desilter
GN Desilter is composed by a bottom shale shaker and a upper 4 inch cyclone unit. A centrifugal pump fixed on the side of the tank, suck the drilling mud after treated by GN shaker, then feed into GN desitler cycylones, where usually solids larger than 25 microns can be removed. 
3.GN Mud Tank
GN HDD Mud Recycler is a compact treating unit, the above mentioned treating equipment are all fixed on a GN mud tank. Easy to move with a flat bet truck. Depends on the treating flow rate, GN Solids Control can provide different volume mud tanks. 
Nowadays, there is a trend that more and more HDD drilling contractors are using HDD mud treating systems, And there is a increasing demands on the decanter centrifuge as well. As mud treating unit can only remove solids large than 25 microns, with days going on, more and more finer particles are accumulated in the drilling mud. And GN Solids Control also provides decanter centrifuge for a better separating.