January 07 2022

2 Sets 1000GPM Drilling Mud Solids Control Systems to Shanghai Customer
GN Solids Control has rich experience of design and manufacture turnkey solids and liquid separation systems since the very beginning of the company established. These days, GN Solids Control finished building of 2 sets 1000 gpm drilling mud solids control systems for a Shanghai Customer. 

 2022.01.05 Mud Cleaning System

Here are the main GN components in this big system:
1.Mud Recycling Module
Composed by 2 sets mud recycling tanks with the size of 12000 x 2400 x 2500 mm, GN mud recycling module is fixed with 4 sets of 3 panels shakers GNZS703F-SHBF, 2 sets mud cleaners (include 2 sets desander cyclones and 12 sets desilter cyclones), 4 sets centrifugal pumps, 4 sets heavy duty mud agitators, and mud guns as well as lights etc.

2022.01.05 Drilling Mud Cleaner
GN mud recycling module is able to recover the drilling mud from drilling rig through the high pipelines after big bubbles removed by poor boy degasser. GN shakers and mud cleaners fixed with spraying nozzles and anti-spray covers. 

2022.01.05 Mud Tank System
2.Mud Mixing Module
GN mud mixing module includes 2 sets mud storage and mixing tanks. Each tank is fixed with one set jet mud hopper and centrifugal pump to add new drilling chemicals and adjust the mud weight. Heavy duty mud agitators are also use to mix the drilling mud from sediment. 
3.Activate Mud Module
Similar with the mud mixing module, GN activate mud module stocks the clean drilling mud. Mud pump can suck activate mud from every compartment. 
GN Solids Control is certified with API Q1, ISO, EMS, HSE etc, while to guarantee the manufacture quality, GN Solids Control works with 3rd party to check all the raw materials size, welding beam quality etc carefully. 

2022.01.05 Solids Control System

4.Auxiliary GN Equipment
To keep this system running well, GN Solids Control also provides auxiliary equipment includes 2 sets submersible pumps, 2 sets centrifugal pumps and pump filters.