November 20 2018

These couple days, GN 1500HP drilling rig solids control system is under final assembling and test running procedure, and then will be ready for delivery. With more than ten years’ experience, GN is able to provide the solids control system per customers’ specified requirements and also give constructive suggestion.

Normally, a complete drilling rig solids control system is consisting of several tanks, each tank would be installed with different equipment, some are for mud recycling, while the others for mud mixing. This is not the first time for this India client order from GN Solids Control. This time, the client ordered the poor boy degasser GNZYQ1000 and mud recycling tank module to replace their existing system.

The poor boy degasser is an safety equipment on drilling site to remove the plenty gas in drilling fluids to prevent blowout and guide the hazardous to far away from working site. The gas discharged out of the poor boy degasser will be burnt finally for safety consideration.

In the solids control system, the mud recycling tank is the most complex module as the tank is divided into several compartments with different functions. Pipeline like mud suction and transferring is welded inside the tank to ensure the continuously working procedure. 

The mud recycling tank in this order includes shale shaker, vacuum degasser and mud cleaner unit. 3 units GNZS703F-HB shaker are capable for the flow rate up to 300 cubic meters per hours per mud condition. By control the valve on mud distribution box, mud engineer on site could decide how many shakers to be used based on the mud flow from rig. GN vacuum degasser GNZC360B uses a water-ring vacuum pump to produce high vacuum inside the degasser cavity to lift mud from bottom tank, so that it doesn’t need extra feeding pump for the degasser.

GN always adopts same model sand pumps to feed de-sander and de-silter to ensure a stable flow rate and easy maintenance of the pump in future. There is a trip compartment on the tank; accordingly a smaller power trip pump is equipped.
Besides the petroleum industry, GN solids control system is also well known and widely used in India trenchless industry. GN is going to show next February in India, for more information, please feel free to contact with us.