June 07 2024

GN Solids Control has proudly finished the production of 1 set 1500HP drilling rig solids control system, which was designed specifically for an African project.

This advanced system underscores GN's commitment to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to the unique needs of global drilling operations.

2024.06.04 Solids Control System 3

Enhanced Solids Control Technology

The 1500HP drilling rig solids control system from GN is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle the rigorous demands of high-capacity drilling operations. Key features include:

  • High-Performance Shale Shakers: The system incorporates high G-force shale shakers to ensure efficient separation of drilling cuttings from the drilling fluid.
  • Desanders and Desilters: These units are designed to remove finer solids from the drilling mud, ensuring that the fluid remains clean and reusable.
  • Decanter centrifuges: GN’s decanter centrifuges are critical for separating ultra-fine solids and ensuring the drilling mud's quality, thus enhancing drilling efficiency and reducing operational costs.
2024.06.04 Solids Control System 1
Durability and Efficiency

Constructed from high-quality materials, the system promises durability and long service life, even under the harshest drilling conditions. The equipment is engineered for easy maintenance and minimal downtime, ensuring continuous operation and maximizing productivity.

2024.06.04 Solids Control System 2

Environmental and Economic Benefits

GN’s solids control system is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. By effectively managing drilling waste, the system minimizes environmental impact and adheres to stringent environmental regulations. Additionally, the recycling and reuse of drilling fluids reduce the overall consumption of resources, leading to significant cost savings.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

GN Solids Control continues to lead the industry with its innovative solutions and commitment to quality. The introduction of the 1500HP drilling rig solids control system for the African project marks another milestone in GN’s mission to provide superior solids control equipment that meets the evolving needs of the drilling industry.

GN remains dedicated to supporting its clients with advanced, reliable, and efficient solids control solutions, ensuring successful and sustainable drilling operations across the globe.