September 03 2022

Without doubt that oil price is at a peak high level due to complicated international relations and under a long time of recovery from COVID, more and more energy companies are investing on capital equipment and planning to product more oil in the coming years. 
As a leading solids control equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control has provided thousands of successful drilling mud solids control systems to global drilling contractors, and today we would like to share another batch of 1500HP drilling rig solids control equipment we provided to a African client. 

2022.09.01 Solids Control Centrifuge

GN Solids Control delivered 3 sets shale shakers GNZS594F-SHBF, 1 set mud cleaner GNZJ594F-3S16N, 2 sets decanter centrifuges GNLW363D and mud hoppers etc. 
1.GN Drilling Mud Shale Shaker
GN Shale Shaker (model GNZS594F-SHBF) is a 4 panels shaker, fixed with Italy OLI vibrators. Under the linear motion of G force up to 7.5, shale shaker is able to remove solids above 100 microns. 
GN shale shaker is able to change the working angle conveniently to adjust the liquid pool without stop running by using the patent design of synchronous lifting lead screw from either shaker side. 
2.GN Mud Cleaner 
GN Mud Cleaner (model GNZJ594F-3S16N) is a shaker fixed with 3 sets 10inch cyclones and 12 sets 4 inch cyclones. Different sizes cyclones remove different range particles out when two centrifugal pump feeds mud into them separately, and the bottom shaker deck can further remove fine particles out. 

2022.09.01 Solids Control Equipment
3.GN Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge has a large variety of usage when speaks of solids and liquid separation. GN Decanter Centrifuge (model GNLW363D) has a 14 inch rotating bowl, running at max speed of 3800 rpm to remove fine particles 2~5 microns from the drilling mud.  
4.GN Mixing Mud Hopper 
After treated by above GN Solids Control equipment, clean drilling mud can be reused and pumped back to drilling rig after added with new barite or drilling chemicals to adjust the mud gravity. GN Mud hopper is a effective venturi type hopper to help expedite the drilling chemicals run into clean drilling mud fast.