June 12 2019

One set solids control system for 1500HP oil drilling rig is now in the final assembling procedure. After the factory trial assembling job is completed, water test will be done on the system to check if any leakage problems. India is one of the main markets for GN Solids Control, now many GN equipment and system are running there. 

Equipment Configuration of Solids Control System for 1500HP Rig

1. Shale shaker GNZS703F-SHBF, 3 units. Shale shaker is the first stage to remove the coarse cuttings in drilling fluids. GN shaker is with adjustable G force for various working requirements. Composite frame pre-tensioned screen in fixed on shaker for long time working life. 
2. Mud Cleaner GNZJ703F-2S12NF, 1 unit. Mud cleaner is 3 in 1 equipment including de-sander cyclone, de-silter cyclone and under located drying shaker to achieve the separation point to around 20 microns. The drying shaker is using same model with the primary shaker for maintenance convenient in future.

3. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363C, 2 units. Decanter centrifuge is used to remove ultrafine useless solids in drilling fluids. Dual decanter centrifuge system is consisting of 1 middle speed and 1 high speed model for different purpose. GN is able to provide decanter centrifuge with VFD control panel.
4. Besides the main separation equipment, the system also includes degasser unit, transferring sand pump, mud tank and electrical control system.

How to order Solids Control System from GN

GN Solids Control provides pre-sales technical consulting for free. For solids control system package, GN needs to know normally the required treating capacity, rig horse power, active mud storage volume and some other information to give suitable proposal. GN is able to provide commercial offer and technical offer with 3D layout and schematic flow diagram to help customer understand the system well. 

GN is with more than ten years' experience in designing and manufacturing the turnkey solution for solids control system. If any request aroused, please feel free to contact with us.