April 03 2019

This week, GN solids control finished the fabrication of 10 sets decanter centrifuge for one client from Middle East. All the decanter centrifuges are VFD model with high standard IEC explosion proof for hazardous area with wide temperature scope application. This is a repeated order from the client; actually, repeated orders take a large part in GN’s sales. That is the positive response from client on GN product.  

GN decanter centrifuge is widely used in oilfield for drilling fluids recycling and waste cuttings treatment. Per client requirements, GN is able to provide the decanter centrifuge with fixed speed control panel or VFD control panel. Comparing with fixed speed model, the VFD decanter centrifuge could be run at different speed to produce different G force for different application. 

14 inch solid bowl decanter centrifuge with model of GNLW363 is one the most popular in GN production line. By equipping with the VFD control panel, operator can run the bowl from 0 to 3200 rpm (designed maximum speed is 3900RPM). All operation including increase and reduce the rpm of the bowl, differential speed, and even the flow rate of the feeding pump could be done on the HMI touch screen. GN is adopting centrifugal casting technology to make the bowl so that the bowl would be more solid and dense. The bowl material is from duplex stainless steel 2304 that is with better machinability much better than SS316. 

The client also ordered the telescopic skid for the decanter centrifuge from GN. All decanter centrifuges would be mounted on the skid. On jobsite, operator could adjust the height of the skid per working condition. The liquid discharged from the decanter could flow back to the mud tank by gravity. The feeding pump and VFD control panel are also designed to mounted on the skid, thus all equipment would be on the same one skid to modularize the decanter centrifuge package.

GN makes the VFD control panel as positive pressure principle to realize the explosion proof. Normally, the control panel is equipped with 3 VFDs for decanter main motor, back motor and feeding pump. GN can design the interlock system between the pump feeding and running of decanter to ensure the smoothly working of the equipment, therefore, GN recommends to set up the control of the feeding pump in GN VFD panel even client prefer to using their own pump. 

For more information, welcome contact with GN Solids Control.