October 27 2023

Recently, 10 sets of Hydraulic Driven centrifuges have been manufactured and are ready to start serving for an African Company's drilling  mud treatment project. The model number of the Hydraulic Driven centrifuges is GNLW363D-FHD.

2023.10.26 FHD Decanter Centrifuge 2

To make sure these Hydraulic Driven centrifuges will provide a reliable performance and the parts and components will run smoothly for a long term operation, GN Solids Control's technical department, production department, and quality control department have dedicated extensive attention to various critical aspects, including material selection, material preparation, every stage of the production process, and thorough inspections at each step of the equipment manufacturing. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to delivering top-quality equipment.

Our meticulous approach spans material selection, preparation, production stages, and thorough inspections. This unwavering attention to detail ensures that the equipment we produce adheres to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

2023.10.26 FHD Decanter Centrifuge

If you need any support about the operation and maintenance of Decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Solids Control for our engineers’ best experience and knowledge in the relevant industry. We are committed to giving our utmost effort to support your project, as this is the path to establishing a stable and long-term partnership. Furthermore, we are equipped to provide online support and on-site guidance for specific situations as needed.

As a leading manufacturer of separation and conveying equipment, GN places paramount importance on product quality and the enduring advantages it brings to our valued users. GN takes pride in its position as a professional manufacturer in the field of decanter centrifuges. In this regard, we place great emphasis on the meticulous selection of raw materials, employing high-quality centrifugal casting or forging stainless steel materials. When it comes to wear-resistant components, we utilize hard alloy protection to ensure extended durability and performance. Our unwavering commitment to quality and durability is a hallmark of GN's dedication to our customers.