August 23 2018

GN hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system for Canada Project

This week, GN arranged the delivery for one set hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system for a client from Canada. This is the third set same system sent to North America Territory. With many years development, GN equipment now could be used in many industries such as the normal drilling fluids solids control, waste cuttings management and this excavation waste slurry treatment project.

The hydrovac excavation waste is coming as a mixture of water, soil, large size trash and some other materials. GN solution is to provide a classified-separation process to recover water and remedy the soil; the rough process diagram is consisting of following steps.

August 17 2018

Large Bowl 30 inch GNLW764A Decanter Centrifuge for Mining Industry to Australia

This week, GN arranged the shipment of two sets large bowl decanter centrifuge to Australia for coal mining slurry dewatering process.The model of the large bowl decanter centrifuge is GNLW764 that is the largest centrifuge GN can make at this time. For the coal slurry dewatering project, always a large flow capacity is required. That is why the client selected GN largest decanter centrifuge.

Features of GN Large Bowl Decanter Centrifuge GNLW764A

1. The rotating bowl is made from duplex stainless steel 2304 with centrifugal casting processing for better balance performance.2. Screw conveyor is also rom stainless steel and the blade is protected with tungsten carbide for long working life.

August 17 2018

Poorboy Degasser and Shale shaker for Egypt Oilfield

Last week, GN finished the manufacturing of several units poorboy degassers and shale shakers that ordered by an Egypt client. Now the order has been packed well and waiting for delivery.Manufactured per API and ISO standard, GN pooboy degasser could be used in underbalanced condition drilling to prevent a dramatic pressure surges. For safety consideration, the poorboy degasser is seen as indispensable equipment on oil gas drilling site, especially for deep drilling rig. The poorboy degasser is also named as mud gas separator.

The poor boy degasser is always installed beside the mud system. In normal condition, the drilling mud coming out of the well will flow directly to the shale shaker unit for cuttings removing. In case gas layer was intruded by drilling tools, a blowout might happen. This is the time the poor boy degasser will be applied to relieve the high pressure of the gas- invade drilling fluids and separate the gas that might be flammable or hazardous.

2018.08.09 beidaihe 1
August 09 2018

2018 GN Team Summer Tour at Beidaihe Coast

GN team had a tour in past three days at Beidaihe coast which is a very famous tourist resort in summer. Every year, GN will organize all staff in the company for a tour. This is not only a time to relax, but also an opportunity to communicate and get touch with colleagues. It will greatly enhance everyone's sense of honor to the company and team spirit.

No doubt, a tour at coast will never leave the sea. Almost every day's travel and activities are related to the water.

August 02 2018

Oil Sludge Treatment System sold to Europe Client

This week, GN arranged the delivery of one set compact design oil sludge treatment system to Client from Europe. The client firstly saw GN oil sludge treatment system at the Beijing CIPPE show this March. After two times factory inspection and business communication, the clients placed order.

Please click below link to watch the working video of this oil sludge treatment system.

This skid mounted system is used to recover the oil from oily sludge coming from various sources like drilling waste cuttings, refinery waste, and oil tank remains etc. It is consisting of chemical dosing, premixing, 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation modules.