May 11 2017

GN Solids Shined at OTC oil show 2017

It was the 6th year for GN to show at the OTC. As leading brand of separation solution brand in China, in the past nearly 10 years since the foundation, GN developed the normal solids control equipment, waste cuttings management system. Till now, GN’s oily sludge treatment and soil remediation solution are also completed and available. Every year at the OTC, GN will brought new releases as keeping improving is one the critical features of GN Solids. It is the clients’ feedback and comments urge GN continuously going forward. And in the mean while, GN is glad to bring the user-friendly equipment and solution to all the clients, not only take convenience buy also make clients’ more profit. By now, more and more professionals in the industry have paid close attention on GN Solids. GN is also looking forward the future cooperation.

1) New released shale shaker

GN new released shale shaker adopts the gear rack technology which makes replacing of the shaker screen much easier than ever before. Operators only need one ratchet wrench to take off the old screens and fix the new ones. More interesting is by using the same ratchet wrench, operators can adjust the shaker deck angle during the shaker running so that to make the discharged cuttings much dryer or wetter. Another one feature of GN shaker is the sealing technology on the screen frame. Hollow seal strips are embedded on the U type stainless steel screen frame. Using the hammer for embedding, taking off the old rubbers could be done even manually. This type seals ensure the sealing performance in the maximum degree.

May 07 2017

Trailer Mounted 500 GPM Mud Recycling System for Africa Client

This week, one set of 500 GPM mud recycling system for an Africa client is ready for delivery. This mud recycling system will be used in a trenchless drilling project for recovery of used drilling fluids, this could greatly save the cost on water and mud material, and in the meanwhile, reusing of the drilling fluids is good for environmental protection.Different from the previous mud recycling system, this time, the mud tank was designed trailer mounted. The advantage of trailer mounted mud system is easy for transportation; a tractive drive can move the mud system from one site to another without involving the crane for lifting the equipment.

April 25 2017

3 Sets Oil Rig Solids Control Equipment Made by GN for Europe Client

This week, GN just finished the fabrication of a batch of solids control equipment for 3 sets oil rig. This order is for a Europe client, and soon later all the equipment would be shipped out. GN Solids Control, as a leading manufacturer especially for solids control equipment and waste management equipment, since the foundation of the company in the year of 2007, has already got the certificates of API, HSE,CE and CR-TU. GN’s products are acceptable in more and more countries and regions. Turn impossible into possible, that is what GN’s ever committed to.

This order includes 3 types main solids control equipment, shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. GN has upgraded the equipment design few times, below some features on the equipment will make clear why customer choose GN. Shale Shaker – the shale shaker in this order is used to be the primary shaker in the oil rig mud recycling system. It has 4 panels shaker screenwith each size of 585x1165mm, total screen area 2.7 square meters. At both sides of the shaker, bolted type shaker deck fixing design make it easy for avoiding the shaker deck vibration during transportation. The horizontal beams on both sides of the deck walls make the shaker deck much stronger to bear higher G force. Screen support frame is made of stainless steel for anti corrosion purpose. The embedded hollow rubber seals on screen frame perform a good sealing function and easy for replacement.

April 19 2017

2 Sets of Oil Based Drilling Cuttings Management System to South America

Drilling cuttings management equipment are used for further treatment of the drilling cutting discharged from the solids control primary shale shaker. By doing this process, more drilling fluids could be recovered. Environmental protection regulations request the driller to take the drilling cuttings management system into the drilling site. One GN’s old client from South America who ever got over ten units decanter centrifuge ordered the 2 sets oil based drilling cuttings management system. “I need to have this type of equipment to help me expend my business. And the GN’s equipment so far works well, that’s why I order them.” Said by GN client.GN’s drilling cuttings management system was firstly released in the year of 2014, in the whole year of 2015, with the petroleum industry going down, GN’s waste cuttings management system on the contrary brought many orders for GN.

The 2 sets cuttings management system already shipped out last week. All 3 main cuttings management equipment are included in the system.

April 14 2017

A bunch of Soil Remediation Equipment for US Client

During these couple years, GN solids control gradually developed and released some new products that attracted many clients’ attentions. One of the new products is the soil remediation system. As the name meaning, it is a system rather than individual equipment. From the date of releasing, many clients came to GN for learning more about this system. And at the beginning of this year, a client from The States placed order for their project on recovering the oil from oily sludge.

Actually, in petroleum industry, the soil remediation equipment is mainly used to treat the oily sludge coming from the oil drilling field, refineries and oil tank bottom sludge. This is not the first unit of oily sludge management system sent abroad from GN. Last year, a client from Middle East ordered 2 sets of the complete system one time. Both of the 2 systems are running well, positive remarks were sent back to GN. Until this American client came to GN and asked for soil remediation equipment, GN knew these equipments could be used in a much wider field.