February 12 2018

Stay true to the Mission – GN 2018 Annual Celebration

GN’s annual celebration of 2018 was held on Feb. 11th, 2018. The topic of this evening party is ‘Stay True to the Mission’. How time flies, GN has experienced for 10 years which is a history for development as well as struggle.

February 09 2018

400 BBL Mud System for Australia Drilling Company

Last week, GN sent one set 400 BBL capacity mud tank system for an Australia client. GN’s rich experience in manufacturing as per Australia standards, like welding, cable colors and so on, ensures this order. Client also approved and accepted when visited GN on inspection before delivery.

This 400 BBL mud system is for a small rig. Client was worrying about the height of the mud tank will be higher than the drilling mud return pipe of the rig. Actually, GN’s design team has lot of experience in design the mud system, this problem will be considered as one the key factors when make the design. After confirming the height, the proposal provided by GN has a full consideration on let the used drilling mud flow to the tank and ever get into the shale shaker unit easily.

January 30 2018

Welcome to GN booth for the 2018 CIPPE Beijing Oil Show

CIPPE is a regular gathering in petroleum and petrochemical industry with magnificent exhibition space over 90,000 sqm. It will attract 1,800 exhibitors from 65 nations and regions, 18 international pavilions and 110,000 professional visitors. CIPPE has become the largest petroleum exhibition in the world.Being a top class solids control equipment manufacturer in oil industry, GN Solids Control will attend the 18th CIPPE this year as past years.

Please refer below information that will bring to visitors to GN’s booth.Show Time: March 27-29, 2018Show Location: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (No.88,Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing) GN Booth: E2168 (Hall E2)

Please click the link to view GN’s booth location

January 26 2018

Drilling Mud Recycling Unit ready for shipment to UAE

GN Solids Control has rich experience in making compact mud recycling system that used in no-dig drilling project. GN has standard model of compact mud system for option, for clients’ special requirements, GN is able to provide customized solution. This week, GN completed the fabrication of one set 350GPM mud recycling system for a UAE client. The 350GPM mud recycling system in this order is GN standard self-contained unit with mud recycling, storage and mixing function. The equipment configuration is as below:

1. Shaker and mud cleaner composition unit- this unit is the main mud recycling equipment. The shaker equipped in this unit is a double deck model, the under layer is used as the first stage mud recycling equipment for coarse solids separation. GN composite frame shaker screen could effectively remove the solid particles; this process could reduce the load for the cyclone unit. The drilling mud passing through the under layer screen will immediately transferred by a centrifugal pump unit to the 4 inch cyclone for fine solids separation. The drilling mud after treated by the cyclone, solids with size larger than around 20 microns would be removed. Discharged slurry will be further dried by the upper layer screen for more fluids recovery.

January 19 2018

Poor Boy Degasser made for France Client

Couple months before, GN delivered 3 units of poor boy degasser to GNPC. Today GN finished another order of poor boy degasser from a France Client. GN’s poor boy degasser is manufactured as per API and ISO standard for underbalanced condition drilling to prevent dramatic pressure surges. For most of the deep drilling rig, a poor boy degasser is indispensable equipment for safety operation consideration. On oil drilling site, the poor boy degasser is always located beside the mud recycling system. In normal condition, the dirty mud back from well will go directly to the drilling mud shale shaker for solids separation. Under this condition, the poor boy degasser will not be applied. In case gas layer was intruded, a blowout might happen. This is the when the poor boy degasser will be used.

GN’s poor boy degasser is with simple structure for gas cut mud hitting on the baffle plates for dispersion, and then the gas separated The degasser unit could be designed to fix on a skid, thus the poor boy could be folded and easily moved on site. The chock manifold can also be installed on the skid. Before the drilling mud getting into the poor boy degasser, the chock manifold will reduce the pressure of the mud firstly.Mostly, the poor boy degasser will be connected with an ignition device. The flammable and poisonous gas discharged from the poor boy degasser will be guided to the ignition device for burning out. Safety should be give the priority forever in any jobsite. GN Solids Control is able to provide a one stop solution for all solids control equipment request, as well as the complete mud recycling system. If any request aroused, please feel free to contact with GN.