April 06 2018

GN Mobile Slurry Vacuum Pump was awarded favorable comment by clients

In the past CIPPE show last week in Beijing, GN’s vacuum pump was awarded favorable comments by visitors coming to GN booth. Many visitors were amazed to the function of this pump; some contractors even told they finally find an ideal transferring solution. The vacuum pump is also named solids transfer pump that is a type pump operated by connecting the air supplying to suck and discharge high solids content material alternately. The vacuum pump could be widely in tough environment for most of the liquid, wet sludge and even dry solids transferring. Below link would guide to the working video of this vacuum pump, please click for reference.

March 30 2018

GN Oil Sludge Treatment System was High-profile at CIPPE 2018

Yesterday, the CIPPE 2018 exhibition closed successfully. GN attracted lots of visitors coming to GN booth to learn GN’s new releases. Being a manufacturer with lasting creation capacity, GN solids control has been bring new products to the show for many years. Every year, the new products take new business for GN, which is the critical factor of GN’s continuously improvement.

This year, GN showed the new developed compact skid mounted oily sludge treatment system at the show. This skid system actually is a compact three phase separation system for oil, water and solids. The processing procedure of the system includes premixing, 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation.

March 24 2018

ATEX Zone 1 Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for India Drilling Contractor

Decanter centrifuge is one of GN’s main products that widely used in all kinds of drilling mud recycling and waste management. This week, GN just finished the fabrication of the variable speed decanter centrifuge ordered by an India drilling contractor. Almost all the drilling contractors request the equipment used on oilfield to be explosion proof certified for safety consideration. To meet the customers' requirement on explosion proof standard, GN is now able to provide equipment with motors and control panel certified by China national explosion proof CNEX, IEC Ex and ATEX.

March 16 2018

GN Dewatering Centrifuge for Tunneling is Working Well in Singapore

GN engineer came back from customer’s site in Singapore and shared the photos showing GN’s dewatering centrifuge system was running there since the beginning of this year. Client is satisfied with the performance of the system.

GN’s dewatering centrifuge system can be used in separating the ultra-fine solids from drilling mud, waste water and so on. In tunneling project, the dewatering unit is used to remove the large content solids from drilling mud to make the water recyclable as always most of the tunneling site in city has limited area to put the waste mud collection container. A high efficiency dewatering system can greatly save the cost on water consumption and increase the boring speed.


March 09 2018

GN Containerized Drilling Cuttings Treatment System and Shale Shakers for Russia

Yesterday GN shipped out some equipment for the order from Russia. All the equipment in this order are GN standard model and well accepted by clients’ operators. The order includes containerized drilling cuttings treatment system and other solids control equipment.

Cuttings treatment system is one of GN’s main systems used to treat the waste drilling cuttings discharged from primary solids control equipment. Cuttings dryer is the main equipment in the system. In GN’s design, the dryer unit is installed inside one container with feeding pump and screw conveyor for collecting the dried cuttings discharged from the dryer.