GNZS703D Double deck shale shaker

GNZS703D Double deck shale shaker is the advanced shaker model promoted by China leading solids control company-GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. It is widely used in waste management and compact mud system.

Waste management system applicationGNZS703D double deck shale shaker

Double deck GNZS703D shale shaker adapt high G force (≤7.5G) and a double deck. Some users choose it as a better replacement of high G shaker. It can better dry cuttings with the 2 screen deck.

Some users will request to add steam coil for double deck shale shaker while used to treat waste cuttings. GN Solids Control have experience and can customize per users requirement.

Compact mud system application.

Double deck shale shaker GNZS703D used for small mud system to make the system for compact. Usually, the bottom deck will be used as shale shaker, while the upper deck used as mud company together with desander/desilter cone assembly. the total machine takes a smaller footprint but act as 2 separated machine. And surely, the cost is much lower than a separate shale shaker and mud cleaner.


Although there are many advantages, but there are also many operators they do not like double deck shale shaker, as it is not convenient to change the bottom shaker screen. It is the main problem of shaker manufacturer faced now, and need to be improved.