drilling cuttings recovery

It is known that the solids control system is part of the complete drilling rig system. So, always we see the drilling mud solids control equipment is equipped for the drill rig at wild field where the working condition would be various. Some places the weather is four-spring like, while some other places very cold. When finished the drilling job at one well, all the equipment would be disassembled and transported to next well. It always takes few months to move all parts of the drilling rig system. Solids control system is only small part of the drill rig system. However, if the solids control equipment could be moved easily, that would be also benefit for the whole transportation of the drill rig.

GN decenter centrifuge installed in frame

Decanter Centrifuge Installed in Frame

With the rich experience on solids control management and job working, some customers came to GN Solids Control and talked about their idea to build a drilling mud system which could be easily transported and all equipment could be operated and repaired indoor. What they preferred are two options: Containerized and Frame Supported.

For the containerized design, all the equipment would be located inside a container or a same size mud tank, which is completely closed and with doors for operator in and out. The advantages of this design the all operation would be completed indoor, especially for some area with bad climate condition. With air conditioner installed inside the container, winter to prevent cold and summer avoid hot sun. On the other hand, this containerized design may not have sufficient space left for the operator to move do maintenance job freely. For the big size equipment, it is also difficult to be put into the container. Once GN provided Russia customer 2 units containerized drilling waste cuttings management system. To lift out the huge cuttings dryer out from the container, the container was opened a door on top and use a crane to get the rotation part of the dryer out.

For the frame supported idea, the solids control equipment like shale shaker and decanter centrifuge would be installed in a strong steel frame, the frame size is same with standard container. When assemble the system, the equipment could be easily positioned. For the operation and maintenance, there is enough space as there will be walkways surrounded the frame. The operator could make a thick canvas cover to cover the whole system to make it a closed unit.

Both the containerized and frame supported system are easy for transportation as no equipment need to be disassembled before moving. The frame is design same fixing point with the container that makes the system trailer available.
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