January 30 2018

CIPPE is a regular gathering in petroleum and petrochemical industry with magnificent exhibition space over 90,000 sqm. It will attract 1,800 exhibitors from 65 nations and regions, 18 international pavilions and 110,000 professional visitors. CIPPE has become the largest petroleum exhibition in the world.
Being a top class solids control equipment manufacturer in oil industry, GN Solids Control will attend the 18th CIPPE this year as past years.

Please refer below information that will bring to visitors to GN’s booth.
Show Time: March 27-29, 2018
Show Location: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (No.88,Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing)
GN Booth: E2168 (Hall E2)

Please click the link to view GN’s booth location

Visitors can send email to or call GN for appointment at CIPPE.
Below pictures showed how GN’s booth was last year. Every year, GN will show new released products, this year, likewise, GN will bring there some new developments.

1. Decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer are two of the main equipment used in waste management projects. This year, GN’s popular model 14 inch and 22 inch decanter centrifuge will be shown in CIPPE. Welcome to GN’s stand for more information on the material and technology in fabrication of the decanter centrifuge. For the cuttings dryer, the GNCD930 is able to treat the oily cuttings to be OOC lower that 5%.

2. Shale shaker and the replacement shaker screen are the most important products in GN’s production line. GN’s shale shaker is structure simple and operational easily. The shaker screen would be shown there are made as per API RP 13C with standard test report issued by USA third party laboratory.

3. Oil sludge treatment system is consisting of GN mini shale shaker GNZS752 and the 9 inch centrifuge. The system also has pre-mixing vessel with thermal system and oil water separation device. This system could be used as a trial unit in oily sludge treatment.

4. GN new released centrifugal pump and movable vacuum pump would also be shown at CIPPE this year. Visitors who has request on this type equipment are welcome to GN’s booth for more information.

The brochure of above mentioned items are available, welcome contact with GN asking for the brochure. Learning GN’s brochure firstly and then coming to GN’s booth for real equipment viewing would be a good option for all visitors. GN is looking forward to see all visitors at the CIPPE this March.