May 24 2017

Shortly before, GN just finished the fabrication of a batch of shale shakers and several jet mud mixer units for an India drilling company. Now machines in this order are under delivery testing procedure, and later will be shipped out.
As a drilling company, this client owns their own drilling rigs and mud recycling systems. Comparing with the rig unit, the shale shaker is always been treat as a wear part that need to be replaced with new ones after several years’ operation. The shale shaker units in this order are just for this purpose, after several times face to face communication between client and GN, and the facility site inspection, finally, the client was convinced by GN’s capability and products advantages, they placed order to GN.


What Features GN Shakers Have

1. Structure simple is one of GN shale shaker features. To some extent, simple structure means easy to operation and maintenance. However, this simple structure will not make the shaker lose some of the functions. It is easy for operation to recognize all the parts of the shaker unit so that they can operate freely.
2. Heat treatment on the whole shaker deck and the additional reinforcing beam at both sides of the deck wall make the shaker deck strong enough for high vibration force to perform a better separation performance. As per client’s specific working and mud condition, special painting technology is applied at the connection point of deck wall and screen frame for anti-corrosion purpose. This greatly extends the shaker lifetime.
3. Embedded hollow rubber seal on the screen frame has a much better sealing performance, and it is easy for replacement.
At this time, GN’s shale shaker is installed with composite frame screen instead of the steel frame screen. For more advantages on GN composite frame screen, please contact with GN freely.

The client also orders several jet mud mixers this time. The mixing pump used is centrifugal pump. Now GN’s centrifugal pump is hundred percent interchangeable with Mission magnum series centrifugal pump for both complete machine and wear parts.

This client is planning to replace their shale shaker unit for other more than 10 rigs. GN is pretty confident on that the shakers ordered will perform well to bring much benefit for the client.