June 05 2017

GN Solids Control just completes a mud treatment system package for America clients.
This separation system is for construction mud treatment. It consists of 4 main modules which are hopper feeding module, coarse shale shaker module, solids control module, decanter centrifuge module.

2017.05.25 Construction mud treatment

The hopper feeding module is to catch the construction mud and feed to the coarse shale shaker for first stage treatment. After that, the fine shale shaker will do the second stage separation, after fine shale shaker, the mud will be pump to the desilter for third stage separation. After desilter, the mud will be pump to the decanter centrifuge for final treatment. Depends on the mud conditions, the chemical dosing system may be used to enhance the mud cleaning to discharge clean water.


2017.05.25 Decanter Centrifuge

Features of the Construction Mud Treatment System:

GN Solids America was established in 2013, GN business in North America has been growing steadily in last 3 years. We keep stock of solids control equipment and shale shaker screens in our Houston warehouse for fast delivery to local client. You are welcome to visit us in 6710, Windfern Road, Houston, TX for better understanding of our equipment.

2017.05.25 Dewatering Unit

GN Separation Equipment are widely used for oil gas drilling, horizontal direction drilling, water well drilling, mining, and construction mud treatment. We have the one stop turn-key solutions for you from shale shaker, desander, desilter to decanter centrifuge. GN not only provide individual equipment but also we provide customized package system.