November 09 2013

Drilling Mud Processing Unit Start Operation in NSW Australia

GN just finished the commissioning successfully of 500GPM drilling mud processing unit in NSW, Australia. This mud cleaing unit was used in HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and it is a 3 phase cleaning unit with shale shaker, desander and desilter for a better performance.  
November 02 2013

GN 500GPM HDD Mud Recycling System to Middle East Customer

GN 500GPM mud recycling system is a very popular model for our customer of HDD drilling contractor. One customer from Middle East placed order to us for this 500GPM mud recycling system for their pipeling laying project.  
October 25 2013

GN ZJ30 Drilling Mud Recycling System for RG Petroleum Deliver to Customer......

GN Solids Control got order from customer for complete drilling mud recycling system for rig ZJ30. The ordered items had been delivered to customer's jobsite for commissioning in Oman.   The Oman customer bought the drilling rigs from RG Petroleum, one of the largest oil drilling rig manufacturer in China.
October 19 2013

Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Mud Recycling Service to Middle East

In oil drilling activities, big bowl centrifuge is a widely used equipment to recycling the drilling fluids and recover the bentonite. High speed centrifuge could also be used for waste management service. Greatly reduce the volume of waste discharge to protect the enviroment. The following is the big bowl decanter centrifuge and vacuum degassers for Middle East customer.  
500gpm mud system in stock
October 09 2013

GN 500 GPM Mud Recycling System For Sale in Stock

GN keeps a 500GPM Mud Recycling System in stock for sale to all around the world.This 500 GPM Mud Reycling System is designed to work for different applications. Part 1)Application for the GN 500 GPM Mud Recycling System.
  • 1) HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) 500 GPM Mud System.
  • 2) CBM drilling mud recycling capacity up to 500GPM
  • 3) Workover Drilling rig 350HP/450HP/550HP Solids Control & Mixing System.
  • 4) Water well/ GEO Thermal Well drilling mud cleaning unit.
Part 2) Solids Control Equipment for the 500GPM mud recycling System