Solids Control Mud tank System
April 29 2014

Solids Control Mud Tank System for Thailand Trenchless project

Trenchless drilling mud tank system is one of GN Solids Control major applications.China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Corporation is the largest trechless drilling (HDD) contractor in China, CPP has been taking over 10 Sets  mud tank system every year for it's trenchless drilling rigs from GN Solids Control.

The following 500 GPM Solids Control mud tank system is for thailand trenchless projects.
  • 1) One 20 Ft size mud recycling tank with clean gate handrails,pipelines, walkways etc.
  • 2) One GNZS703E-DZ short profolie high capacity shale shaker.
  • 3) One GNZZJ703E-1S8N linear motion mud cleaner for second phase desander cleaning and third phase desilter cleaning.
  • 4) Two centrifugal pump mounted at the side of the solids control mud tank to save space.

Simple Process for the Solids Control Mud tank system.
Canada Big Bowl decanter Centrifuge
April 23 2014

Oilfield Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge with VFD and PLC to Canada

GN Displayed the big bowl big volume centrifuge in the 2014 CIPPE Beijing Oil show, before the show,we had the contract with the Canada oilfield service company to supply the big bowl decanter centrifuge. After show, GN  get it ready for shipping to Canada oilfield for the solids and liquid separation projects for the Canada based oilfield service company.The Canada oilfield service company requires very high standard quality and CSA standard class I division I compliance flame proof electric motors and control system.

Oilfield liquid and solids separation is one of the key market for GN Solids Control.GN Big bowl decanter centrifuge is VFD driven with PLC control. The big bowl decanter centrifuge with 22 inch bowl size and 71inch bowl length, this big centrifuge is able to handle fluids up to 400GPM.

GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge applied in the Oilfield.
TBM Slurry Separation Plant
April 21 2014

Micro-tunneling slurry separation plant for recovery bentonite

Function of slurry separation plant in Micro-Tunneling Machine

The slurry separation plant is very import for the underground construction, especially for the slurry-supported tunnel boring machines. The TBM machines like AVN machines, Mixshields  or Shaft Sinking Machines all required efficient slurry separation plant to separation the solids from the drilling mud which is a mixture of water water and thixotropic clay.The clean drilling mud after processing by the separation plant will be feed to the tank for slurry circuit.

One of the important division for GN Solids Control is the underground construction, our main business in this division is  HDD, horizontal directional drilling mud recycling and mixing system, second is desanding equipment for bored pile foundation, third is the slurry separation plant for the Micro-Tunneling.GN have the slurry separation plant from120m³/h to even 1000 m³/h available. Either with single mud tank system or multi-tank system for drilling mud separation and drilling mud mixing.

kuwait water well drilling mud cleaning
April 12 2014

Water well drilling mud cleaning system to Kuwait and Australia

One of the division for GN mud cleaning system is for water well drilling,as a worldwide leadning Brand for drilling mud recycling equiment and system.GN Solids Control design specific fast moved mud cleaning system for water well drilling.Water well drilling contractors, have option for trailer mounted mud system,or skid mounted mud system as well as hydraulic jack up system for fast moving without lifting by cranes.

Video:Hydraulic Jack Up Mud Cleaning System for Australia

The Following mud cleaning system is for Kuwait customer to do water well drilling
  • One Combined double deck mud cleaning unit with shale shaker and desilters.
  • One mud tanks with handrails,walkways,with compact design for small rigs.
  • Tow centrifugal pumps, one for mixing, one for feeding to desilter cones.
  • All the completed mud cleaning unit is mounted over a trailer within the limit of the road permisioning in Kuwait.
GN Solids mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit
April 05 2014

Mobile Drilling Cuttings Treatment Unit

Drilling cuttings treatment equipment is becoming more and more important for oil service company or drilling company. They use the equipment to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from solids control equipment line, including shale shaker, desander, desilter. As many customer want to use it in a flexible way, mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit is popular.

GN Solids mobile unit have been tested by many customers. The unit could be used both for oil based mud and water based mud.

Basic configuration of GN Solids mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit.
  • 2 nos Screw Conveyor  GNSC14A-24
  • 1 nos Vertial Cuttings Dryer ( Vercial dryer, Vertical-G dryer)GNCD930LC-VFD
  • 1 nos High G dryer GNZS594HGE-LD
  • 1 nos High Speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363BG-VFD
  • 1 nos Screw Pump, positivedisplacement pump, Netzsch Germany brand
  • 1 nos mud tank with 2 compartments
  • 1 nos semitrailer, CIMC brand, good quality but reasonable price

GN Solids mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit main working process