kuwait water well drilling mud cleaning
April 12 2014

Water well drilling mud cleaning system to Kuwait and Australia

One of the division for GN mud cleaning system is for water well drilling,as a worldwide leadning Brand for drilling mud recycling equiment and system.GN Solids Control design specific fast moved mud cleaning system for water well drilling.Water well drilling contractors, have option for trailer mounted mud system,or skid mounted mud system as well as hydraulic jack up system for fast moving without lifting by cranes.

Video:Hydraulic Jack Up Mud Cleaning System for Australia

The Following mud cleaning system is for Kuwait customer to do water well drilling
  • One Combined double deck mud cleaning unit with shale shaker and desilters.
  • One mud tanks with handrails,walkways,with compact design for small rigs.
  • Tow centrifugal pumps, one for mixing, one for feeding to desilter cones.
  • All the completed mud cleaning unit is mounted over a trailer within the limit of the road permisioning in Kuwait.
GN Solids mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit
April 05 2014

Mobile Drilling Cuttings Treatment Unit

Drilling cuttings treatment equipment is becoming more and more important for oil service company or drilling company. They use the equipment to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from solids control equipment line, including shale shaker, desander, desilter. As many customer want to use it in a flexible way, mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit is popular.

GN Solids mobile unit have been tested by many customers. The unit could be used both for oil based mud and water based mud.

Basic configuration of GN Solids mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit.
  • 2 nos Screw Conveyor  GNSC14A-24
  • 1 nos Vertial Cuttings Dryer ( Vercial dryer, Vertical-G dryer)GNCD930LC-VFD
  • 1 nos High G dryer GNZS594HGE-LD
  • 1 nos High Speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363BG-VFD
  • 1 nos Screw Pump, positivedisplacement pump, Netzsch Germany brand
  • 1 nos mud tank with 2 compartments
  • 1 nos semitrailer, CIMC brand, good quality but reasonable price

GN Solids mobile drilling cuttings treatment unit main working process
offshore drilling mud system
March 28 2014

Offshore Drilling Compact Mud System to Hong Kong

At the beginning of this year, we start a compact mud system manufacturing for offshore drilling. The end user is famous Hong Kong drilling company. After the customer compared many solids control company during China, they choose GN Solids to be their supplier. 

Why choose GN Solids ?

GN Solids is the most reliable manufacturer from China providing leading patent equipment. The equipment include solids control equipment, drilling waste managementequipment and shale shaker screen.

GN Solids can offer you customized design of solids control system as per customer requirement, especially for the layout of mud sytem with shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge etc.

GN Solids have got many certificates, API certificate, ISO9001 Certificate, HSE certificate.

GN Solids can  offer fast response on jobsite equipment commissioning.

Based on this, but not limited to this, many drilling company, oil service company, rig company choose GN Solids.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer
March 26 2014

GN 2nd Generation Vertical Cuttings Dryer System Factory Testing

GN Solids Control is the first API certified company who developed Vertical Cuttings Dryer in China. Now GN have the 2nd Generation Vertical Cuttings Dryer with more benefits for customer. GN 2nd Generation Cuttings Dryer have the following Features:

  • Patented Designed Stainless Steel  basket screen
  • Air Knife System to cleaning the basket screen to avoid blinding.
  • Screw Conveyor system to pick the discharged drilling cuttings.
  • All around Flushing System to avoid solids accumulation inside the dryer.
  • High Chrome Anti-Abrassive Flights to have longer operation life.
  • Positive Preasurized PLC + VFD Electric Control System for Variable Speed.
  • GN Force up to 420 at 900RPM.

If you have Water Based Drilling Waste Wants to drying by the GN Cuttings Dryer. Please Check here:

GN 2nd Generation Drilling Cuttings Dryer Photoes: GN 2nd Gneration Vertical Cuttings Dryer Factory Testing Videos:
decanter centrifuge
March 22 2014

GN Solids come back from CIPPE 2014 Beijing Oil Show with Great Success

GN Solids come back from CIPPE 2014 Beijing Oil Show with Great Success. As China leading solids control and drilling waste management equipment manufacturer, We took most advanced technology equipment there. During the show, many domestic and international customer come to GN Solids and show keen interest on GN electric angle adjustement Shale shaker, GN 4pcs Mongoose shaker screen mud cleaner, GN most popular PLC control panel barite recovery decanter centrifuge, GN big bowl big treating capacity decanter centrifuge and GN Vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste management.

GN most popular PLC control panel barite recovery decanter centrifuge

GN Centrifuge is always keep ahead as leading drilling mud centrifuge manufacturer from China. GN centrifuge has some unique technologies whick make GN outstanding among similar companies.

  • PLC control panel make the working experience more friendly
  • Perfect design similar to Alfa Laval brand, also with Tungsten Carbide Tiles screw protection
  • Main body made from Duplex SS2205 centrifugal casting