Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge
June 15 2014

Decanter Centrifuge with Button Operation PLC Control Panel Exported to Sa......

Saudi Arabia is the number one oil rich country all over the world. It is a tough and high standard market for many solids control companies.During recent years, some customers are also looking for more cost-effective solids control equipment from China with proven performance in the middle east.The Saudi Arabia solids control service company choose to buy from GN because they see GN VFD centrifuge operation in other Middle East Countries for high temperature environment. The best-selling product is decanter centriufge & shaker screen.

On last week, we just dispatched one sets solids control decanter centrifuge to Saudi Arabia, even though it is the first time for GN to sell decanter centrifuge to Saudi Arabia,but it will be a good start for GN in the future. The decanter centrifuge with below key technical points as below:

  • Centrifyge Model: GNLW363BG-VFD
  • Centrifuge Type: High speed, variable frequency drive decanter centrifuge, with continuously adjustable speed range from 0 to 3200RPM. The customer can get lower speed, middle speed and high speed for different application.
  • Centrifuge production material: The main part with high speed ratation is made from Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 by centrifugal casting. Other parts, we use SS316L. This can make the centrifuge working well in a long period.
  • Centrifuge control panel:  Positive Preasurized PLC plus VFD control control panel with button operation instead of the touch screen which is customized for client.
  • Test video of GN centrifuge in Argentina:

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oilfield decanter centrifuge for sale
June 06 2014

New Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge For Sale with over 30% Discounted Price

GN Solids Control have one unit Brand new GNLW454G 18inch bowl size Decanter Centrifuge for sale with over 30% discounts, Only one unit centrifuge for sale with such price.It's already finished for shipping all over the world.This  centrifuge main application is for the oil field drilling solids control and waste management,as well as some environmental solutions for fine solids separation.

GNLW454G Decanter Centrifuge Technical Specifications:
  •   Model No.: GNLW454G

  • Bowl Diameter: 450mm (18inch)
  • Bowl Length: 1720mm (67inch)
  • Bowl Speed:2200 / 2500RPM
  • Max G Force: 1573 G
  • Capacity: 60 m³/h (264GPM)
  • Main Motor: 45 Kw
  • Back Drive Motor: 15 Kw
  • All motors and electrical control panels are explosion proof for Zone I.If you want to run at variable speed, you can choose to have different pulleys or have a VFD control system.

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Decanter Centrifuge for solids control  waste management
June 03 2014

Four (4) Sets Decanter Centrifuge and Two (2) Sets Hi-G Drying Shaker Expo......

Drilling waste management business is becoming hot because of pressure from government. The drilling contractor has to deal with the drilling waste on line or off line. That means the drilling waste can be treated with the drilling process or when the drilling finish. GN Solids Control as the first China manufacturer engaged in development and optimization on the solids control & waste management equipment, have exported professional drilling waste equipment to many countries and areas.

Four (4) Sets Decanter Centrifuge Exported to Africa Drilling Company

Generally, the drilling contractor shall rent service from solids control & waste management Service Company. But some big drilling contractor with many on land drilling rigs or off-shore jack up drilling rigs would rather to buy the equipment and do the service by themselves.

We have one customer from Africa who buy Four (4) Sets Decanter Centrifuge for their solids control service. The details of centrifuge as below:

  • Two(2) nos GNLW363BG; Fixed Speed Decanter Centrifuge. This is high speed centrifuge, with 3200RPM/2500RPM;
  • Two(2) nos GNLW363BG-VFD;  Variable speed decanter centrifuge. This is high speed centrifuge, with 0-3200 continuously speed adjustable model; This is equal to Derrick DE1000FHD and Swaco 518HV.

GNLW363BG is also much professional for drilling waste management. The high speed centrifuge can separate the fine solids (5-7microns) out from the drilling liquid waste or drilling cuttings waste easily.

Video: GN decanter centrifuge for water based mud drilling waste management in Argentina:

Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge Package 1
May 26 2014

Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge Package for LG Kuwait

LG Kuwait is sister company of LG Group, the world famoust South Korea electrical products manufacturer. LG Kuwait is engaged in oil field Soil Testing and Remediation project. Recently, they are conducting experiment on oil sludge treatment to make the drilling waste turning into environmental friendly material.  Based on the backgroud, LG Kuwait come to GN Solids Control Beijing factory to check oil sludge treament decanter centrifuge and signed purchase contract with GN.

Equipment configuration list of Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge Package
  • One(1) nos Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW363BG-VFD
  • One(1) nos height adjustable telescopic skid, high platform for decanter centrifuge

1000HP drillling rig mud system
May 22 2014

3 Sets 1000HP Offshore Rig Solids Control Mud System for COSL

GN Solids Control got big projects from COSL, China Oilfield Service Limited. The Projects include 3 Sets 1000HP Offshore Rig Solids Control Mud System and 1 Set 10000BBL Mud Plant.  The Mud Cleaning and recycling system include 4 phase drilling mud solids control and 5 phase drilling mud solids separation.

The Configuration Equipment List of 3 Sets 1000HP Offshore Rig Solids Control Mud System