Containerized Drilling Waste Management
May 16 2015

Containerized drilling waste management system under inspection before delivery

GN Solids Control drilling waste management system is working in many overseas jobsite, like Baker Hughes drilling waste management in Russia, Shell drilling cuttings no pit drilling project in Sichuan China and America Transocean offshore rig solids control centrifuge in Nigeria etc. This year we get more orders for vertical cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge which are the core equipment for drilling waste management. In Feb of this year, we got purchase order for containerized drilling waste management system. The customer just came to GN factory and process the inspection before delivery in the past weeks.
May 08 2015

2015 OTC,GN Successfully Displayed Drilling Waste Management Equipment

As a leader in the drilling waste management and solids control equipment manufacturer, in this 2015 OTC, hold in Houston, TX, USA, GN Solids Control and GN Solids America displayed the main drilling waste management products as well as the solids control products. The latest technology of GN products attracted a lot of attention from the expert in the industry.Products displayed in GN Solids Control Booth are as below:1) GNCD930D Series Vertical Cuttings Dryer.GN Solids Control is one of the only two companies in the OTC 2015 who displayed the vertical cuttings dryers. Unlike our competitors vertical cuttings dryers, GN dryers is with higher speed up to 1200RPM with G force up to 750G. This gives it more ability to separate the oil on the cuttings, especially of WBM, it works well for the critical WBM.GN has already done successful drilling cuttings management projects for Shell, Baker Huges, CNPC and many more leaders in the industry.
May 03 2015

Two Sets GNMS-500B Mud Cleaning Unit for Saudi Arabia Trenchless Project

GN Solids Control trenchless branch business just finished the production of two sets GNMS-500B mud cleaning Unit for trenchless drilling contractor in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a tough market for many manufacturers from China since it’s critical requirements for products quality and performance. However, since the development GN Solids Control business in the Middle East, more and more mud cleaning products made by GN Solids Control has becoming popular in the Middle East countries include: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc.

For the packaged mud cleaning unit in Trenchless applications, there are two options from GN Solids Control. One is the self-contained mud cleaning system; the other is the Desanding Plant.

drilling waste Hi G system
April 28 2015

WBM Drilling Waste Centrifuge system for CNPC

One set water based mud (WBM) drilling waste centrifuge system is ready for delivery at GN Solids Control factory. The buyer is Beijing famous oil Service Company with rich experience in solids control service & waste management service. The end user is subsidiary company from China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

The WBM drilling waste centrifuge system is used for not falling to the ground project, to dry the cuttings from shale shaker discharge. Generally working flow: shaker discharge → Hi-G dryer shaker with high API number shaker screen → NEMO pump → High Speed decanter centrifuge → active tank (usable drilling fluids).

The Hi G dryer & centrifuge system including below parts:

1 X Hi G dryer shaker: GNZS594HGE-LD Hi G dryer shaker with 4 pcs shaker screen is popular because of the large capacity 600gpm and Hi G force for better performance. After treated by Hi G dryer, the Oil on cuttings / water on cuttings can reach to about 10%.1 X Decanter Centrifuge: GNLW363CG-VFD high speed decanter centrifuge can be working for solids control, drilling waste management, dewatering centrifuge etc, as the big variable speed range from 0 to 3200rpm. The positive pressurized control panel is installed on the side skid for compact design and convenient use.2 X screw pump: GNG30A-075 screw pump is for transferring drilling mud and another pump feeding drilling fluids to centrifuge.This drilling waste centrifuge system with Hi G dryer shaker can also be used for oil based mud drilling waste management. Even, the OOC after Hi G dryer is about 10%, which is much higher than result (OOC is about 3%-5%) from Vertical cuttings dryer, some customer still like Hi G dryer in some job cases. There are two advantages of Hi G dryer: lower renting cost / purchase cost and lower energy consumption. The Hi G dryer shaker with 2 vibration motor only consumes less than 4kw; however, the vertical cuttings dryer will consume at least 55kw. On the rig, the power distribution on drilling waste management sometime is strictly limited. In this case, the user may consider about Hi G dryer instead of vertical cuttings dryer.

GN 1000gpm mud system
April 21 2015

GN 4sets 1000gpm Mud Recycling Centrifuge System for CPP

CPP, short for China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, is the China largest Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractor. During over past 20 years, they got lots of projects from domestic and overseas market and gradually become the most professional China HDD contractor. As CPP generally mud system supplier, we have cooperated with CPP for over 5 years and CPP have bought over 30 sets drilling mud system from GN Solids Control by now. Recently, we are producing 4 sets GN 1000gpm Mud Recycling System for them. 2 sets is ready for delivery, another 2 sets is still under production.

GN 1000gpm Mud Recycling Centrifuge System for CPP Mud recovery

This is customized centrifuge system for HDD mud recovery. The four stage mud separation system can reach up to 1000gpm. Below is brief introduction of the customized mud system.

  • 1 X GNZJ705-2S mud desander cleaner, with 5pcs shaker screen double deck shale shaker GNZS705 & 2pcs 10inch desander hydrocyclone cones. This is compact design / combination of shale shaker & mud cleaner (desander), which are the first stage and second stage mud treatment.