CE Certificate- Solids Control System
July 21 2014

GN Solids Control awarded CE Certificate from DNV Business Assurance

CE marking is mandatory for certain product groups within the European Economic Area. The manufacturer of products made within the EEA and the importer of goods made in other countries must ensure that CE-marked goods conform to standards. With spreading of GN Solids Control market, GN have been competing with US brand solids control supplier on more and more projects from European countries. Even the end user is much satisfied with GN products after they check our facility, we still fail to get some projects only because lacking of CE Certificate.

Under this background, GN started application of CE Certificate from early of 2013. After about one years' endeavour, GN got awarded CE Certificate from DNV Business Assurance in the production of Solids Control System.

Three3 sets Hi-G Dryer
July 14 2014

Three(3) Sets Hi-G Dryer and Five(5) Sets Screw Conveyor Exported to Middle East

GN Solids Control have customer visiting last week. They are famous mud solids control & drilling waste management service company with lots of business in Middle East & North Africa. With their expanding business, they just buy Three(3) Sets Hi-G Dryer and Five(5) Sets Screw Conveyor. They customer come to execute equipment inspection before delivery.

Hi-G Dryer for Water Based Mud(WBM) Drilling Waste Management

For WBM, High G Force dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge are generally used for the treatment. The popular Hi-G dryer model is GNZS594HGE-LD, with longer shaker deck and equivalent mongoose shaker screen. 

  • The vibration motor with 2X1.94kw, can reach G force up to 8 adjustable.
  • Low Profile Hopper Feeder for eaiser cuttings transfer, similar as most of famous brand Hi-G dryer manufacturer.
  • Longer shaker deck with 4 panel pretensioned shaker screen, get much dryer drilling cuttings
  • Shaker bottom Deck made from Stainless Steel for longer lifetime, this is GN patent.

Other Hi-G Dryer project delivery last month:

High Speed Decanter Centrifuge for WBM drilling waste management:

GN 500GPM mud system 2
July 09 2014

GN 500gpm HDD Mud System for China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP)

In the yard of GN Solids Control,  there are 2 sets 500gpm HDD mud system ready for delivery. The customer is China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (short as CPP), China largest HDD contractor. Since year of 2010, CPP have bought over 30 sets of mud system from us.

Other GN HDD mud system projects for CPP:

Year of 2010, GN 500 GPM no dig drilling fluids cleaning system to CPP:

Year of 2011, GN 2 Sets HDD200 Drilling Mud Recycling System for CPP:

Year of 2012, GN 400GPM Mud Solids Removal Unit to CPP:

Year of 2013, GN 500GPM Mud System for CPP China Largest HDD Contractor:

Dimamond Drilling Mud Tank
July 04 2014

Dual Function Solids Control Unit for CBM and Diamond Core Drilling

GN Solids Control designed a Dual Function solids control unit for a drilling company, this solids control unit can be used for CBM drilling and Diamond Core Drilling. This saves a lot of cost for the drilling contractor to have one dual function mud recycling unit instead to spending money on two units.

Although this two types of drilling requires a very different handling capacity of drilling mud. For CBM Drilling, normally it needs to be 500 GPM mud cleaning capacity, but for diamond core drilling it needs only 50 GPM capacity. And for CBM drilling, normally, the solids control unit needs to control and separate the sands and silts in drilling mud, which is bigger than 20 microns. But for diamond core drilling, a lot of fine solids less than 20 microns, it needs to separate solids bigger than 5 microns to get nearly pure water.

How GN Dual Function Solids Control Unit works for above situation?

The Dual function unit is installed with following main equipment:1)    8 M Drilling Mud tank with Hydraulic Jackup System for self lifting without big cranes.2)    One Multi-Function Mud Cleaner with Double Deck Shale Shaker, and Desilter. GNYZ703E-8N3)    GNLW223 Mini Decanter Centrifuge with High Speed.4)    Positive displacement pump for feeding the decanter centrifuge installed at the side o the tank.5)    Desilter feeding Pump, Mud Mixing Pump, and Mixing hopper.6)    Mud Agitators.

Skid Mounted Mud gas separator
June 30 2014

GN America News:Mud Gas Separators for drilling company in Canada

With the development of GN Solids Control branch company in Houston, TX. GN Solids America products has been known by more and more North Africa customers in the drilling industry.Recently GN Solids America shipped 4 mud gas separators, to Canada for the drilling company in  province CANADA.And GN also shipped two decanter centrifuge for another Canada company.

As requested by the drilling company in Canada as below: "We are locking for 04 Mud Gas Separators (Poor Boy Degassers) for small drilling rigs in Quebec Canada. Please provide us with the specs of the smallest ones with cost estimate and delivery timing to have them in Quebec province CANADA."

With our fast following up and competitive cost-effective solutions.The Canada drilling company ordered the mud gas separators from GN Solids America in Houston.