solids control equipment
August 09 2014

Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Indonesia once is the unique OPEC nations from Asia. The proven oil reserves, ranking 20th in the world; the proven gas reserves, ranking 7th in the world. With more and more China-Indonesia cooperation in oil gas exploration & drilling, oilfield equipment supply, crude oil imports & exports, Indonesia company focus on drilling rigs, solids control equipment, mud pump with super quality and competitive price.

GN Solids Control as the 1st API certified solids control equipment private company, is the first private company to enter Indonesia market. After that, more and more Indonesia customer ( Big customers like PDSI,Apexindo,Bermindo etc) shift to GN Solids Control Equipment and gradually to use less US brand solids control equipment with highly cost.

Recently, GN is ready to delivery one unit 1000gpm mud system to Indonesia. The mud system is used for one unit 750hp workover rig. The mud system equipped with equipment as below:

  • Two unit drilling fluids shale shaker with 3 panel shaker screen & 2 pcs OLI brand vibration motor;
  • One unit drilling fluids mud cleaner with 2 pcs desander cones & 12 pcs desilter cones & one unit deck shaker with 3 panel shaker screen.
  • One unit drilling fluids vacuum degasser with self-contained unit & level sensor to protect over suction of drilling fluids.
  • One unit mud tank with all accessories included. Eg. pipelines, handrails, walkways, ladders, valves, clean gates...

Except for Solids Control Equipment, GN also exported drilling waste management equipment to Indonesia national oil company, Pertamina. The equipment including Hi-G dryer shaker as 1st step drilling cuttings drying pocess equipment, high speed decanter centrifuge as 2nd step drilling cuttings drying process equipment. 

GN shale shaker
July 29 2014

GN 1000hp Rig Solids Control System Ready for Delivery to COSL

COSL operated 40 drilling rigs of which 30 are jack-up drilling rigs and 10 are semi-submersible drilling rigs. This make COSL the largest fleet of offshore oilfield services facilities in China. For solids control equipment or mud system & drilling rig, they have continuously huge requirement.

GN Solids Control have exported 2 sets 1000hp rig mud system & 1 Set 10000bbl liquid mud plant to COSL via domestic rig manufacturer.Now the 3rd set 1000hp rig mud system is ready for delivery.Read more:

GN 1000hp rig Mud System
Mud Cleaning Equiment Vermeer India
July 26 2014

GN Mud Recycling Unit for Vermeer Maxi HDD Rig to India

GN Solids Control just shipped two mud recycling unit to India for Vermeer Maxi HDD rig. One is the most popular GNMS 500 GPM mud recycling unit, the other is the GNMS 350 GPM mud recycling unit.

As a leading manufacturer for mud cleaning equipments, the packaged HDD mud recycling unit is a very important market for GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control offers completed line of mud recycling unit for the popular brand HDD rigs like Vermeer, Germany brand TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT Group).The division company of TT Group: TT Asia Pacific is GN Solids Control products distributor in Australia market.

GNMS 500 GPM Mud Recycling Unit
  •  One unit of GNZS703E-DZ top feeder shale shaker with Linear motion.
  • One Unit of GNZJ703E-8N Desilter cleaner with 8 desilter cones and  bottom GNZS703E shale shaker with screen area over 2.6 Sq meters.
  •  One 40Ft container size mud tank for mounting and locking on to the container trailer fast.
  •  One 50HP desilter feeding centrifugal pump GNSB6x5-12
  • One 50HP Mud mixing pump GNSB6x5-12 with verturi hopper mounting over the 40FT container.
  • Mud agitators, and mud tank attachments included.
OBM Drilling Cuttings Dryer System
July 22 2014

Drilling Cuttings Management System to West Africa

GN Solids Control is one of very few companies who have successfully proven the drilling cuttings management system from China. The following drilling cuttings management system is for shipping to West Africa. GN solids control is manufacturing another two completed drilling cuttings waste management system. One is for Middle East, the other unit is for Europe drilling waste management company, one is going to be ready for shipping end of this month, the other is going to ship in next month.

If you want to see the Working Performance of GN Drilling Cuttings Management System, please check following videos:

Configuration of GN Drilling Cuttings Management System:
CE Certificate- Solids Control System
July 21 2014

GN Solids Control awarded CE Certificate from DNV Business Assurance

CE marking is mandatory for certain product groups within the European Economic Area. The manufacturer of products made within the EEA and the importer of goods made in other countries must ensure that CE-marked goods conform to standards. With spreading of GN Solids Control market, GN have been competing with US brand solids control supplier on more and more projects from European countries. Even the end user is much satisfied with GN products after they check our facility, we still fail to get some projects only because lacking of CE Certificate.

Under this background, GN started application of CE Certificate from early of 2013. After about one years' endeavour, GN got awarded CE Certificate from DNV Business Assurance in the production of Solids Control System.