July 14 2017

Last week, GN completed the delivery of 1 set of mud system for a 1000HP rig to Romania. After pre-sales communication for 2 months and client come to GN facility for site inspection, the order was placed to GN.
GN started the business by designing and manufacturing the mud system for oil drilling to recycle the drilling mud. Since the year of GN foundation in 2007, GN accumulated lots of experience in complete mud system fabricating. It was GN’s rich experience and capability convince client to cooperate with GN.

This mud system for 1000HP rig has all the main solids control equipment and tanks for mud storage. The following is a list of items in this system.

Mud Tank – this system is consisting of 5 unit mud tanks of 40 feet container size. One of them is for mud recycling; other tanks are used for mud mixing and storage. Besides, this system also equipped with trip tank for acquiring information inside the drilling hole and chemical tank for adding polymer to the mud.

Shale Shaker – 3 of the GN linear motion 4 panel shale shakers are for the coarse solids separation. The mud from well will be guided into the mud distributor and then to each of the shale shaker by valve controlling.
Vacuum Degasser – 1 unit of vacuum degasser is used to remove the gas in the mud. This gas removing process will help to ensure the pressure of the centrifugal pump when transferring the mud to the cyclone unit.
Mud Cleaner – the cyclone unit on the mud cleaner could process to remove the cuttings down to around 20 microns. 100% PU material is guarantee of long working lifetime and less maintenance.

Mud Agitator – there are total 20 unit mud agitators installed on all the tanks for fully mud mixing. GN’s mud agitator is compact structure, the impeller size and shaft length is customized available.
Centrifugal Pump – this system has total 6 centrifugal pumps. 2 of them are used to feed the mud to de-sander and de-silter cyclone unit. 2 pumps are assembled with hopper to be used as mixing pump. The rest 2 units are connected with the high pressure pump suction line for charging the mud to mud pump.

This mud system for 1000HP rig is a fully functional set with all necessary mud recycling equipment and mixing equipment. GN’s mud system is with CE certified, which makes GN’s products is acceptable in Europe. For explosion proof application, all the electrical parts like motors and control panels are ATEX certified.