October 13 2017

Being a professional manufacturer for solids control and waste management equipment, GN has been praised by more and more world famous oilfield service provider. Back from the holiday of China National Day, GN finished the order from Sinopec for mud gas separators and waste collection containers.
Mud gas separator is manufactured according to the API and ISO standard, usually used for drilling in underbalanced conditions where dramatic pressure surges normally. GN’s mud gas separator is with simple structure of several baffle plates welded in the inner wall of the vessel for gas cut mud hitting on the baffle plates for dispersion, and then the gas separated. Normally, the separated gas will be guided to an open area for burning by an ignition device.

In this order, the waste collection containers are used to collect the drilling waste cutting or other waste stuffs on drilling site or oilfield. Before manufacturing, GN’s engineers had sufficient communication with client on the specifications requested of the container.

Below are the main features of the waste collection containers:
1. Excellent interface sealing – To prevent the leaking of the liquid from the container, the sealing uses anti-corrosion silicone rubber.
2. On-line monitoring system – Leaking monitoring device installed at the discharge port
3. Loading warning system – The containers are equipped with gravity sensor module to avoid over loading as per relative environment protection regulation.
4. Internal coated with corrosion resistance for acid and alkali corrosion.
5. Electrical automatic sliding cover performs well on sealing for leakage when closed.
6. All cables are laid inside the square steel tubes; no any cables are outside, which is good for long lifetime and working safety.

To provide the qualified products to client, GN solids control is committed to technical improving and quality controlling. GN has standard production line for client to choose, also GN is able to provide customized solution based on mutual communication.