April 19 2018

TRENCHLESS ASIA 2018 is the 10th event in this series and for the second time will be held in Kuala Lumpur. It is held every 2 years, and GN has attended it last time in 2016.

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud recycling equipment and mud system used in trenchless drilling project.
This year GN booth number is 26, welcome to GN’s booth to have to talk with GN’s team on more information about GN. Mr. George and Ms. Renee will be your contact at the show.

 For the trenchless industry, GN has developed standard compact mud system with functions of mud recycling, mud storage and mud mixing. Per customers rig capacity, GN is able to provide mud system with different flow rate. For the primary mud recycling equipment like shale shaker mud cleaner and even decanter centrifuge, GN has different models for customer’s option.

GN’s self-contained mud system is including all stages of solids control equipment and mud tanks for customer’s high configuration requirement. For cost saving consideration, GN also has economic models to satisfy the customer. The compact de-sanding unit could be also used in piping and micro tunneling project.

This year, GN will show the new developed mobile vacuum slurry pump at TRENCHLESS AISA 2018. The pump could be widely used for high solid content and high gravity sludge transferring. It is an ideal solution for delivering the drilling cuttings discharged from the mud recycling system to the treating plant.
GN is looking forward to seeing you there at the show.