December 07 2017

In the past one year, GN solids control got more and more inquiry from the waste management industry. Most of the clients from this field are still doing the business related to the oil and gas. Drilling cuttings discharged from primary shale shaker and other solids control equipment need to be recovered more drilling fluids. The oily sludge coming from crude oil tank bottom sediment and refinery waste need to be treated for oil recovery and environmental friendly discharging.
So far, GN is able to provide a complete line for solids control equipment and almost all the key equipment for waste management. A transferring unit still be needed to connect these 2 types equipment or adopted to pick the oily sludge from pit to waste management equipment. GN Vacuum Pump, no doubt is the ideal choice to do this job.


GN’svacuum pump is always be used in tough area for high solids content material transfer with high working capacity and less maintenance. The maximum solids content is up to 80%. This pump is a full air operation pump. Connected with an air compressor, it can achieve 25 feet HG vacuum degree. It has a long distance suction and discharge capacity with respectively 50 meters and 1000 meters. The air operation principle ensures it can be applied in hazardous area up to zone one. It is genuine high safety classification equipment.
Besides the drilling cuttings and oily sludge transferring, this vacuum pump could also be used in waste pit cleaning; barge holding and vessel bottom clean out, and even dry coarse material transferring.

GN took the video on the working of this vacuum pump, please click below link to see its high capacity.

Any question and request are welcome.