April 20 2018

The drilling waste cuttings treatment equipment is the key equipment in the closed loop mud recycling system. By applying the cuttings treatment equipment, more drilling fluids would be recovered to save the drilling cost on water or base oil consumption; and less drilling waste would be discharged for environment protection.
This week, GN finished the fabrication of a batch decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers that would be shipped to Africa client who has ordered many unit centrifuges and cutting dryers from GN. During many years developing, GN's equipment is well approved and accepted by more and more international high-end users.

In this order, all the decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers are mounted on the telescopic skid, which will enable the going up and down of the equipment position per working conditions on site. With a high position, the treated cuttings and effluence liquid will be discharged out and flow to storage container easily.
The performance of GN's vertical cuttings dryer has been approved that the OOC of the discharged solids will be less than 5%. The screen inside the dryer unit has excellent features for blocking the solids cutting particles and releasing the liquid. It will bring high separation efficiency for cuttings and the OBM. The cuttings dryer unit is used to treat the cuttings discharged from the primary solids control equipment, all the cuttings would be collected and transferred to cuttings dryer. Currently, GN has developed an ideal vacuum pump that can transfer the sludge with solid content up to 80%. The pump is just the right device to transfer the drilling cuttings.

In the technical diagram, decanter centrifuge in located after the cuttings dryer unit to polish the liquid discharged from the dryer. The fine solids in the drilling fluids would be removed out by the decanter centrifuge, thus more drilling fluids would be recovered for reusing. GN has upgraded the centrifuge bowl material to SS2304 for batter material distribution and dynamic balance. The ordered centrifuges include both fixed speed model and VFD model for client's different purpose.
The VFD control panel is equipped with AC device for high ambient temperature application. This ensures the continuously running without shut off caused by electric components temperature rising.
GN nowadays is able to provide the complete solution on waste cuttings treatment. If any request, please no hesitate to contact with GN.