May 15 2016

After around 3 years building and decoration, the 2nd factory of GN headquarter was put into use. This factory was located in the same industrial area with GN first factory, and only 2 KM away. GN is planning to use this factory as a manufacturing center especially for decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer unit. This would greatly increase the production efficiency and ensure the prompt delivery.

Since the foundation of GN in the year of 2007, GN has dedicated to provide qualified and reliable equipment to the clients.

During the past nearly 10 years, GN has been known as a manufacturer who was keeping improving the products and services quality. Clients from over 60 countries and regions already ordered and used GN’s products and good comments were sent back to GN. To be a leader in China solids control and waste management equipmentmanufacturer, GN gradually developed the high speed centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer unit for waste cuttings management system, final solution of solidification unit to turn the drilling cuttings to environmental friendly material.

GN got the certification of API, ISO, DNV CE, HSE and other certificates to promote GN’s production quality. From traditional solids control to waste cuttings management system, GN nowadays is the only one manufacturer with API certificate who can provide the full line equipment as well as the turnkey solution to both domestic and overseas clients.
With the 2nd factory put into use, GN is able to enlarge the inventory capacity, for most of GN main equipment like shale shaker, centrifuge unit, cuttings dryer unit, GN could ensure prompt delivery much better than ever before. GN would be appreciated if clients could come to our factory to be a witness on GN’s new development and give valuable suggestions to GN for future business and cooperation.