March 01 2012

Indonesia has a large reserves of CBM(Coalbed Methane). So, CBM drilling fluids cleaning system is widely used in this type projects. As a drilling fluids specialist, GN exported 2 units complete CBM drilling fluids cleaning system to Indonesia, which is used on the jobsite of Sinopec.

GN CBM Drilling Fluids Cleaning System

Main Equipments including in the system are below:

1. 1 unit Shale Shaker
2. 1 unit Mud Cleaner
3. 3 units Mud Tanks

CBM Drilling Mud System on Indonesia Jobsite

Considering the working conditions, all the motors for Centrifugal Pump and control panel, we used the Explosion-proof certified products which could make sure the safty operation maximumly.

Besides the CBM drilling fluids mud system, we also have exported Indonesia many workover rig mud system and HDD mud system. For more information about GN Solids Control in Indonesia, welcome to contact with us.