September 08 2017

This is the second set soil washing system ordered by the client. The main application of the system is to wash the solids produced in construction industry. More and more clients from non-petroleum industry come to GN to get a separation solution. This module decanter centrifuge package is such a case like that.

When running the equipment, client take the contaminated soil with other trash into GN’s separation equipment in turn, after treated by all the equipment, the trash would be removed, soli would be washed clean for reusing in landfill job or selling for construction material.
Below is a general process diagram on how GN equipment to wash the soil.

1. First stage separation --- A coarse Screen shaker is used for large size trash separation, the trash like debris, cans would be removed by this shaker. This process would protect the subsequent equipment from damaged by the large size stuff
2. Second stage separation --- The slurry treated by the coarse shaker would be then pumped into a fine mesh shaker for further treatment, here a mesh screen with normally API 40 or API 60 mesh removes the smaller size particles. GN’s shaker is simple structure for easy operation, and the application of composite frame screen greatly increase the screen lifetime and shortens the maintenance time.

3. Third stage separation --- A de-silter cyclone frame is installed on the fine shaker. Fed by the pump, the slurry gets into the cyclone for much finer solids separation. 100% full PU material cyclone ensures a long working time without parts replacement.
4. Forth stage separation --- Decanter centrifuge with dosing system module could remove the ultra fine solids in the washing slurry. To find a proper volume ratio between slurry and flocculation chemicals is critical for the performance of the centrifuge unit. Always a mud engineer would be requested.

All the recovered soil from each of the process would be collected and for further drying process, the transported to somewhere for landfill job or construction material making. The business owner earns both from treating the contaminated soil and selling the recovered soil. This is a very promising business.