April 14 2017

During these couple years, GN solids control gradually developed and released some new products that attracted many clients’ attentions. One of the new products is the soil remediation system. As the name meaning, it is a system rather than individual equipment. From the date of releasing, many clients came to GN for learning more about this system. And at the beginning of this year, a client from The States placed order for their project on recovering the oil from oily sludge.

Actually, in petroleum industry, the soil remediation equipment is mainly used to treat the oily sludge coming from the oil drilling field, refineries and oil tank bottom sludge. This is not the first unit of oily sludge management system sent abroad from GN. Last year, a client from Middle East ordered 2 sets of the complete system one time. Both of the 2 systems are running well, positive remarks were sent back to GN. Until this American client came to GN and asked for soil remediation equipment, GN knew these equipments could be used in a much
wider field.

The ordered soil remediation system mainly includes below several modules.
1. Premixing Module – In this module, a buffer tank is used collect the oily sludge, by adding water and chemicals, the sludge would be more flowable. In the same while, the demulsification processing is ongoing.
2. Hi G Shaker Module – The sludge is transferred via a sludge pump to the high G force shaker unit for coarse solid particles separation. The tank beneath the shaker unit is to collect the fluids with fine solids. The flocculation process will be done in this tank for gathering the fine solids to a bulk block for easy removing in the decanter centrifuge.
3. Dosing System Module – The dosing system was put in a 20 feet container. The 3-tank automatically dosing system could mix various chemicals accordingly different purposes. The chemicals used in premixing module and shaker tank are coming from this system.
4. 2 Phase Decanter Centrifuge Module – the centrifuge is ideal equipment used for liquid and solids separation. 2 products are coming out of the centrifuge: flocculated solids and water/oil mixture.
5. 3 Phase Separation Skid Module – The water/oil mixture from the centrifuge would be treated further here for oil recover and soil purification.

GN is committed to provide the efficiency separation solution in a worldwide scope, welcome the continuous attention on GN soil remediation performance. GN is at your service any time.