July 28 2017

Being a mud recycling system supplier for No-dig industry for almost ten years, GN has abundant experience to provide the suitable solution as per clients’ requirements. During the years of growth, GN developed the standard no dig mud recycling system with full line capacity from 200GPM to 1500GPM, even for customized larger capacity.
Transportation is one of important factors when considering the cost of the mud recycling system. As the mud recycling system will be used in different sites, then easy to transport becomes one of the contractor’s concerns.
When GN gives the proposal to clients coming from abroad, GN team would like to design the mud recycling system could be easily disassembled for putting each part into the container for ocean shipping. This type mud system would be compact after assembling on site. The Egypt client asked GN if a mud system could be provided without installation of the equipment onsite, the operator only need to do some job on cable wiring and pipe connections, and then they can start to work.


Below is a 500GPM mud recycling system with compact structure.
1. This mud system is consisting of 2 modules, the recycling equipment module and mud tank module.
2. Each of two modules could be easily put into the container for easy transportation with less disassembling job.
3. Pre-installed shaker and mud cleanerunit in frame which would be lifting by crane easily, less onsite installation job needed.

The equipment included in this 500GPM mud recycling system is GN’s standard configuration.
1. 3-panel screen shale shaker is for coarse solids removing. Simple deck structure with top located feeding buffer box is for connection of hose from mud pit.
2. Cyclones are chosen two each of 10 inch and eight each of 4 inch for sand and silt separation. A same model drying shaker in under located the cyclones for much liquid recovery.
3. Two unit 40HP centrifugal pumpsare installed on the mud tank for feeding the mud to de-sander and de-silter unit. The tank is divided into 3 compartments respectively for shaker, de-sander and de-silter.


For No-dig industry, GN has self-contained and economic mud system. Other projects like water well drilling, Micro tunneling boring project will also use this type mud recycling system. For any request from clients, GN team will give positive feedback. In GN pre-sales policy, for clients with substantial inquiry, a 3D model and processing diagram is available for better understanding functions of the mud system.