April 25 2017

This week, GN just finished the fabrication of a batch of solids control equipment for 3 sets oil rig. This order is for a Europe client, and soon later all the equipment would be shipped out.
GN Solids Control, as a leading manufacturer especially for solids control equipment and waste management equipment, since the foundation of the company in the year of 2007, has already got the certificates of API, HSE,CE and CR-TU. GN’s products are acceptable in more and more countries and regions. Turn impossible into possible, that is what GN’s ever committed to.

This order includes 3 types main solids control equipment, shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. GN has upgraded the equipment design few times, below some features on the equipment will make clear why customer choose GN.
Shale Shaker – the shale shaker in this order is used to be the primary shaker in the oil rig mud recycling system. It has 4 panels shaker screenwith each size of 585x1165mm, total screen area 2.7 square meters. At both sides of the shaker, bolted type shaker deck fixing design make it easy for avoiding the shaker deck vibration during transportation. The horizontal beams on both sides of the deck walls make the shaker deck much stronger to bear higher G force. Screen support frame is made of stainless steel for anti corrosion purpose. The embedded hollow rubber seals on screen frame perform a good sealing function and easy for replacement.

Mud Cleaner – GN suggests in the same mud system to use same model shaker as mud cleaner under drying shaker. It would be good for future maintenance and screen ordering from supplier. GN mud cleaner adopts full PU material hydro cyclone for long lifetime, and the cyclone manifold is removable easy transportation. All GN’s shaker has the installation points for quickly fixing the cyclone manifold.
Decanter Centrifuge– both of the bowl and screw is made of stainless steel, the bowl even SS2205 or SS2304, much better than SS316. On protection of the wet touching parts, GN use tungsten carbide tiles for screw and ceramic insert ring for solids discharge port. GN processes 3-stage balancing to maximize the balance of the centrifuge include 1800RPM low speed balancing and real operation high speed balancing as well as the assembly balancing.

GN relies on quality and technology to convince clients and win orders. With keeping support from clients, GN is confident to release more advanced equipment and provide service to more clients in future.